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Advanced Baccarat Strategies – Chelsea Palace

Baccarat is undoubtedly one of the most popular table games in casinos. Its popularity around the world attributes to the Baccarat strategies that are used in the game for increased chances of winning. Of course, luck does matter in Baccarat as the outcomes are pretty unpredictable. But with the right baccarat strategies, players are able to increase their luck manifold.
While some players just rely on their luck as its one of the exciting ingredients of the smooth casino experience, there are some advanced strategies that a player may use to secure their earnings!

Advanced Baccarat Strategies - Chelsea Palace

Baccarat Strategies – The casino’s advantage!

Of course, the casino has an advantage on the bets won by the players and the bankers. And it is generally high from the players than for the bankers. Therefore, it is safe to say that playing bets on bankers plays off in the long run. There is also an option of betting on Tie as it yields the highest of results. But on Tie, the casinos have an approx advantage of around 14.36% which is pretty high.

Deck of cards played

Generally, in baccarat strategies, the least number of cards played increases the chance of the players to win. And the number of decks used can go anywhere from 2 to 8. The higher decks of cards used the lesser is the odds of the player winning. As eight is the highest number of decks of cards that can be used in the game, most casinos make use of 8 decks of cards and have tables designed accordingly.

Tracking your bets!

Online casinos have the feature of history previews. Here the players can see the game history right on their screen. A study into history helps them understand the trend of winnings and losing. Mostly the bankers and players are given equal odds of winning. Therefore the history becomes a ready guide to understanding when one should be betting more and when the bets should be reduced. For instance, if the banker has been winning for the last 3 rounds, it might just be the time to increase bets on the player.

1-3-2-4 strategy

Baccarat strategies are all about minimising losses and maximising small wins to collect more money. In this, the strategy like 1-3-2-4 works the best. Here the player bets 1 unit in the first round and 3 units in the second. The rule is to apply the units bet up to four rounds as you keep winning, every loss brings back to the first betting i.e. one unit. The losses are minimised and winnings are secured.

Game on instinct!

Most players like to play baccarat on their own insights. While the Baccarat strategies might seem interesting to win in the game, sometimes it really gets unpredictable and the stakes are on your luck alone. Here the key strategy is to just play the game on instincts. Take a senior player’s lead, bet according to your choices or just predict your own – take the game just on your instinct you might just get lucky!

Know when to leave the table

A perfect game isn’t just about playing the game right but also about knowing when to take an exit! The casinos (land-based or online) always have an upper hand by getting their money back from players. Otherwise, the casino would be bankrupt sooner than expected. The longer you stay on the table the higher are your chances to lose all that you have earned. Know your betting limits and take an exit at the right time to stay in a profitable position.

The Chelsea Palace – The best online casino

Chelsea Palace is one of the thrilling online casinos giving a rewarding experience to the gamblers. With HD technology and a range of games to offer, the casino offers exciting experience with a user-friendly interface, brilliant use of graphics and interesting outlay.
The online casino also offers the players with joining rewards. Baccarat table games are best played on live table games offered at The Chelsea Palace!

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