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The Andrucci Roulette System – Explained

The popular game of Roulette is an evergreen one and is being widely played even at online casinos in various formats. While there is a multitude of roulette strategies and tricks employed by seasoned roulette players, it could take dedicated practice and experience to master the skills of employing them to enhance odds at winning. Here’s a brief guide on the Andrucci Roulette System that can be applied across a number of Roulette variants.

The Andrucci Roulette System – Explained

Andrucci Roulette System: how it works

The Andrucci Roulette System is one that rests on principles of physics such as the theory of chaos. This system is premised on certain rules that players need to follow when applying it:

  • Closely observe and memorize the numbers that you select during a cycle of 30-35 rounds.
  • Select a number where the ball is likely to land more often and place a straight bet. Roulette experts believe that the ball favours certain numbers.
  • Once you’ve placed your bet, stick to it at least for the first 15-25 spins or till the time you win. It’s most likely that with favourable numbers you will at least break even or may earn a profit within the first 34 spins.

The theory is based on a logic derived from mathematics. Mathematically, the number of times the ball lands in each pocket will eventually even out leaving you to believe that every number has the same chance if being selected at any point. That’s why it draws inspiration from the ‘chaos theory’. Over time each number would be covered though in the short-term there could be a variance in the numbers that are hit.

What works best for the Andrucci Roulette System?

In this method, as pointed out above, the straight bet works best. All you need to do is simply place a bet on a single number in anticipation that it will be where the ball will land in the following spin. Veterans suggest that straight up bets payout one out of 35 making for one of the most profitable deals among other potential roulette stakes.

In most cases, the frequently repeated numbers are 1, 8 and 15. For instance, you choose black 15 when you see it appear more than thrice as you feel it can continue to reap some luck. After having placed your wager, on 15 black, you have to allow the wheel to spin and wait till 8 rounds. You might just hit the winning number in the ninth round when the ball will land on your lucky number.

Advantages of the Andrucci Roulette System

The expected payout is an advantage of this system, especially the straight up bets come with the highest paying potential.

Experts suggest that you pick at least 5 to 7 numbers as lucky to increase your odds of winning up to 18.93% approximately. However, the disadvantage of this method is the possibility of incurring big losses within a short span of time. If you have a limited bankroll, tread carefully when using this strategy. This system involves playing your intuition cards and is high-risk and equally highly rewarding.

Whether it works in your favour or not is difficult to say as seasoned players have tried and tested the method before declaring it successful.

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