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The 8 Best Online Roulette Strategies

While the authentic game of Roulette is easily accessible in several brilliant versions online, there’s more to the randomness of the game which can yield you an advantage over the house. Online Roulette veterans believe that smart players of this classic table game are better placed to take full advantage of the game than undermining it just as a game of chance.

The 8 Best Online Roulette Strategies

Common online Roulette betting strategies

Experts focus on certain methods that can be applied when playing online Roulette to increase the odds of winning.

The Martingale

This system enables players to double their bets upon losing a chance. This is like opening a door to let the winning streak brighten the rest of your game. For instance, if you lose your first bet which comprises say 5 units, you bet 10 units with the hope to win sooner or later.

The Grand Martingale

This refers to increasing your bet not by doubling it after you’ve suffered a loss like in the Martingale strategy, instead suggests tripling your bet. See if you really want to give away that money though!

The Labouchere

Let’s presume you select a row of numbers such as 10, 20, 30 40, 50 where each number represents specific betting units. If the first unit is 10, you add this to the last which is 60 units. So, you add the bet to the end of the line upon very loss incurred. Then, if you win the following bet for 70 units, you will be ahead by 10 units. Subsequently, subtract 10 and 60. If you lose a bet then add 70 to the last number string and try once again. Here, with every win or lose, the first and the last numbers are dropped. Cancelling all numbers means you have won for the first sequence.

The Fibonacci

An order of numbers that appear as a pattern for betting. Say, you bet 10 units and upon losing you bet another 10 units. This means that you lose 20 units in all, so keep moving up if you keep losing.

The Paroli

This method says that if you happen to win a 10 unit bet and bet for 20 units and win it again, then you can bet 40 units the next time. You can also halt increasing your bet or increase with minimal units yet keep moving ahead hoping that the winning streak continues.

The D’alembert

Also known as the Gambler’s Fallacy it says that if the number 17 appears many times in the last 100 spins then it’s better to drop the idea of betting on it.

The Chaos

This system indicates taking a plunge into the game and throwing bets all over without maintaining any specific amount or order of bets. Could be risky too, tread carefully!

A strategy to hang onto

A good system of betting on the online Roulette wheel is to place the even money bets of red/black, odd/even and high/low. Playing the single-zero Roulette wheels could yield better results than that taken by the house on the 00 hits.

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