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Blackjack Betting Strategies for Multi-Deck Games

Since the advent of online casino, players around the world prefer to bet on a wide range of deck games as they offer various awards during their leisure time. Apart from various types of card games, Blackjack is considered an all-time favourite for maximum players as it offers a higher probability of winning. Contrary to this, it is essential to employ great Blackjack Betting Strategies during a game-play as it will help you to make your reward more safe and secure.

Blackjack Betting Strategies for Multi-Deck Games

Though playing Blackjack just for fun is a great means to spend time while having some fun but if you want to bet seriously then it is mandatory to design some good quality strategy. Learning a few Blackjack Betting Strategies is essential as it works on a few simple rules of mathematics. Thus, in the long run, you will be able to minimize your losses in the game.

Few Blackjack Betting Strategies You Should Know

Double Down

This is among the best Blackjack Betting Strategies in which a player can double initial bet with respect to the receiving amount. In this strategy, you will be able to draw out multiple cards. One can opt for the double down for a hard or soft card, or you can even opt for hard ten as well as 11 for the purpose. Basically, the total numbers of cards in the hands of a player determine whether he should go for double down or not.

With such Blackjack Betting Strategies, you will be able to act proactively while playing Blackjack and can minimise your overall losses. If a person hits on a two-card nine then he or she will get a chance to win over 60%, then you would lose around 40% on them. On the other hand, if a person is betting £1 and plays the double for a consecutive 100 times, then there’s a possibility of making a total of 20 cents.

Regressive Betting

Unlike the progressive bets, in this Blackjack Betting Strategy the player has to lower the total bids after a single win and on the contrary, has to increase them a single loss. Due to this strategy, a player can plan in advance for the losing streak. The strategy states that when a player has losing hands while doubling the bet per hand, then the total amount of money will increase during the winning.

If a player put £10 while using regressive Blackjack Betting Strategies and loses the first two best and then wins the third one, thus, the player would be at a total loss of £10. Due to the gain at the third bet, the player gets confident, and he or she doubles the bet to £20. If the player owns at this bet, then he or she would be at a gain of £10.


As the name suggests, in this strategy a player bets more to make up for the losses in advance which directly confuses other players. Splitting pairs in a defensive manner makes a player lose money in the long run, but he or she may even lose a more significant amount of money if they don’t do so. A classic example for this strategy is the 7s against two up-cards of a dealer where a player loses £28 when he or she refuses to split the pair, whereas the loss is only compounded to £20 when they split down the pairs. Thus, after a proper splitting of the pair, a player could save £8 on the deal.

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