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Blackjack Charlie 7 – Briefly Explained

Table games are the second most popular choice at most top online casinos. Software developers have made some of the classic games even more appealing by adding variety and modern features to the authentic games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. Blackjack Charlie 7 is yet another innovative game from Win Interactive. It’s been quite a favourite among both new players and Blackjack veterans. This version of the game has been designed intuitively to enhance players’ winning chances. It offers modified rules which usher the scope to win at every hand. Blackjack Charlie 7 offers stunning graphics and is available in 3D.

Blackjack Charlie 7 - Briefly Explained

Blackjack Charlie 7: The game rules

The purpose of this Blackjack game continues to be the same as in other Blackjack formats i.e. to reach 21 without busting. Blackjack Charlie 7 is played with 8 card decks at once. The face cards are allotted 10 points each while the Ace bears 1 point or 11 points depending on the order of the hand. This version allows players to play up to three hands successively against the house. The dealer aims to stand at 17 in this game.  

What’s the Charlie feature?

This Blackjack game has a unique feature by its title. It indicates that if you draw 7 cards without busting the limit of 21, you are likely to win the hand irrespective of what the dealer presents. This offers a win-win to the players for the outcome of each hand is either a win or a loss. In case both hands are tied it results in a push where you’ll recover what you’ve staked. Moreover, each time you draw a card, you have the opportunity to hit, stand, split, double or surrender based on how you assess your winning chances.

Explore the various winning possibilities with Blackjack Charlie 7

The game provides the chance to decide your subsequent move at the time of each draw. For instance, when you hit, it draws another card to make for a total of 21. Keep hitting until you are bust beyond 21. If you sense to be as close to arriving at 21, you may choose to stand.

If you have two cards you can double your stake after having seen the cards in your hand. At this point, a third card is dealt before your handstands the possibility to have doubled your winnings.

The Split option comes when you have a pair in your first two cards. If you split, you can start two new hands again from a single hand. This means that splitting gives you an extra hand to play. The dealer will then distribute a second card for each of your split hand to set the game rolling.

The option to surrender refers to your willingness to quit at any point. If you have a hand with a low score and draw seven cards that don’t hit 21, you will clearly stand out as a winner in the Blackjack Charlie 7 game.

Tango with Charlie at Chelsea Palace

Blackjack Charlie 7 is an exclusive Blackjack game and can be thoroughly enjoyed at the top UK casino, Chelsea Palace. Offering enhanced flexibility with the alternative playing options, this game gives you more winning opportunities that you could expect from an online Blackjack game. Chelsea Palace Casino offers the perfect online gaming environment for an immersive experience with its premium collection of Blackjack games. Register today to nab the best bonus offers on exclusive Blackjack games and other casino games at this world-class hotpot!

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