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Brief Explanation About Split Bet in Roulette

Split Bet in Roulette is quite common for casino players. A fun game around the table, Roulette has been casino’s one of the most played games since their existence. It was first played back in the 18th century in France before it took over the whole world. Since then there have been notable changes to spice up the game a little bit more. The rules are mainly standard, however, the game comes in two main variants i.e. The American version and the European counterpart.

Brief Explanation About Split Bet in Roulette

Slick bets in Roulette – Split Bet

Different types of bets or wagers were introduced to make the game more interesting and more “casino-y”. DIfferent bets have a different risk factor and the different profits. In Roulette, there are basically two types of bets, inside and outside. Inside bets are for big profit seekers. Inside bets have a low probability of winning but high payout. Outside bets, on the other hand, raise the chances of winning but offer a low payout.

It is quite important to know and understand the types of bets before placing one. Split bets are highly popular as they have a high payout and a decent winning probability. These are a type of Inside bets. Split bets, as the name suggests, are something split between two. Unlike a straight up bet where the wager is placed on one number, split bets allow putting a bet on two numbers. The payout generally in a standard game is 17 to 1 which is still a handsome profit and the winning probability is double than that of a straight bet.

How a Split Bet Works in Roulette

To place a split bet, you place a wager on two numbers that are adjacent. The two numbers can be touching each other vertically or horizontally. To place the bet, a coloured chip is kept between both numbers on the line. In a standard Roulette game, the possible combination of split bets is 62. Since split bet is a type of Inside bet, the chip (wager) can be placed only on the numbers in the middle of the table.

The payout in split bets is 17 to 1 which is half of that in a straight bet. The coloured chips are the virtual currency on the roulette table. Each colour has its fixed value. Different chips worth the value of a player’s wager is put on the line dividing the two numbers. If one of the two numbers comes up, the player wins 17 times the amount of the bet.

Who uses Roulette Split Bets

It is advisable to know how the bets work and which bet is suitable for a player before trying the luck in gambling. A split bet is an inside bet. Although offering a handsome payout of 17 to 1, the chances of winning are low. This is a high-risk bet as any other Inside bets. However, it has double the chances of winning than a straight bet which offers the highest payout. Generally, the experienced gamblers who are seeking a big profit but with a decent probability of winning place a split bet in Roulette.

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