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Progressive Jackpots – A brief Information

To put it simply, slot games with progressive jackpots are the ones where you have a scope to win big rewards. This is the main reason why a lot of players tend to get attracted to these kinds of slots. Since the 1990s when the inception of online slots taking place, the concept of progressive jackpots started coming up. And thanks to mobile gambling, it has now grown leaps and bounds. If you browse the net, you will find a host of sites that offer some of the best progressive slots based on different themes and plots. As a player, before you decide to play these slot games, you should have the necessary information.

Progressive Jackpots - A brief Information

Progressive Jackpots came into the scene in the 1990s

Since the 1990s, progressive jackpots have made their mark felt in the online gambling scene. The first jackpot based slot was developed by leading gaming developer Microgaming. Thanks to the excellent features and high returns, these kinds of slots became a huge hit among the audience. Taking a cue from the popularity, other gaming developers also started to come up with progressive slot games with myriad themes. By the year 1996, progressive slots became a known name among gamblers and gained popularity across the globe. To cater to the demand, gambling licenses were also distributed by government agencies for slots.

During the initial days, progressive jackpot games used to be played on single machines. The jackpot amount used to increase with each subsequent bet. However, the rules started to change with the inception of advanced gaming platforms that allowed multiple machines. This meant that multiple games could be played together. Playing multiple games at one go can increase your rewards to a great extent. It is possible to make a pooled jackpot by linking two or more games together. The percentage of the bet will be calculated based on the main jackpot amount, and the combined total is added from all the connected machines.

In a way to provide players with a track of their earnings and the accumulated money, progressive jackpots have a machine known as the jackpot meter. Located just above the game screen, this displays the amount collected by a particular player. In case multiple players are playing a single game, all their earnings will be displayed and the money will be stored in the central machine.  The ultimate winner will win the added amount and get whopping rewards.

Progressive jackpot games are getting popular day by day. They also bring in huge revenue to the gambling industry. Thanks to more innovative approaches like artificial intelligence and augmented reality, slots are expected to get more exciting and rewarding. As players, there are lots to expect and win as the games get more exciting and attractive.

Chelsea Palace: the right place to play progressive jackpots

To play some of the most popular progressive jackpot slots, visit Chelsea Palace. This casino showcases some of the best slots based on a variety of themes and gaming options. The rewards are offered also quite lucrative.

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