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What is Camouflage Betting?

A career in card games and casino gambling is a no joke in itself! It requires vigorous training, practice and of course, the utilization of tactics and strategy in order to raise the probability of earning larger profits as well. Gamblers have to give in a substantial amount of time in devising ways to increase their chances of winning. One effective method that has helped a lot of gamblers is the art of ‘Camouflage Betting’. This tactic allows gamblers to implement the right moves in order for the casino to not notice their card counting motives. The tactic is quite beneficial in card-based games that involve the gamblers to play against other players on the table or the organizing casino venue as well.

What is Camouflage Betting?

Camouflage Betting and it’s meaning

This tactic needs to be implemented in order to hide the motives of card counting that leads to better winning prospects for the gambler. Card counting is something that is frowned upon by casino venues and although it is not illegal, most casino venues inhibit such practices at their venues. Card counting involves betting low amounts (table minimum bet value) for most of the entirety of the game at low counts. As soon as the count increases and reaches the +5 to +6 levels, the gambler increases the bet value too. This leads to a better chance of winning more!

However, if there is a long interval of small amount bets and then a sudden increase of bet stakes at higher counts, it raises alarm in the minds of the casino organizers and thus is not favourable. Camouflaging it via betting at irregular intervals with a variable stake value helps the gambler to still stick to the strategy of card counting but avoiding themselves under the watch of the casino organizers as well!

Why is Camouflage Betting necessary?

The fact that it’s not an illegal move, yet frowned upon and disliked by casino venues is enough to consider that the strategy of card counting is quite unfavourable for casino venues in terms of acquiring profits. The legality although not being an issue, the private casino venues have the right to take necessary steps as they please in order to keep their interest under consideration as a top priority. Card Counting is enough to put the gambler under suspect and can lead to the banishment from the venue. In order to avoid this unfavourable situation, it is absolutely necessary to learn the art of Camouflage Betting!

Steps to implement Camouflage Betting:

The most important step in camouflage betting is to impersonate a player who is present in the casino just for some recreation. The best way to learn this act is to visit venues and learn how recreational players usually do and noting down their practices. Some of the common practices involved are:

  • Changing betting values variably quite often
  • Betting based on gut instincts
  • Following up of winning rounds with increased stake values for the next round

Another prominent method to implement this strategy is to learn about the ‘Law of Averages Camouflage’. In an ideal play, low bets are placed in each round until the count goes high.

Steps to be added in this strategy:

  • A loss of 3 rounds needs to be followed with an increased bet value
  • A win of 3 rounds is followed by a lower bet value
  • After a loss of 2 hands, an increase in the bet value by 4 times
  • After a win of 2 hands consecutively, the 2-hand profit rides on the next hand.
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