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Top Casino Games with the Best Odds of Winning

If one is betting at the casino games, the aim is obviously to win as much as possible. But apart from professionals or regulars, many are clueless as to what game they ought to bet on to win. Chances are often they lose huge bucks and eventually end up losing interest in gambling altogether.

Many table games at the casinos have the best chances of winning at. One can wait and observe the game while other players are playing to understand the game. Dealers usually help one to teach a game, its rules and some of the basic strategies to win. Read on to know what casino games have the most odds of winning.

Top Casino Games with the Best Odds of Winning

Roulette – the preferred casino games ever

Roulette is comparatively an easy understanding and slow-paced casino game to play at. In this game, a small steel ball is rolled in the opposite direction over a spinning wheel and the player is to bet on a particular number or group of numbers or a particular coloured slot (out of black and red) the ball would stop on. One can also bet based on even or odd numbers. Next, the ball is allowed to make three revolutions and the players can keep betting till the dealer declares to stop. Now once the ball stops, based on the bets (particular number or colour or group of numbers) the players have placed, the winners will be declared to make the payments.


Baccarat, the most well known and the oldest of casino games is somewhat similar to the another casino game, Blackjack. This game is completely based on chance and none of strategy or skill will matter here. In this casino game, player has three options to wager their bet on. One is Banker’s hand, second the Player’s and third the Tie. After placing the bets, the dealer hands over two cards for the Banker and Player. The dealers at the Baccarat game assist the players with the next the steps in the game and the players are not required to be through with the rules.


Blackjack is another easy casino game with best odds of winning. In this game, the player is supposed to defeat the dealer. The deal for players is to get the cards totaling to almost 21 but not let them go over 21. With this rule in mind, the player has to outscore the points of dealer or get him busted. Number cards have the values as that of their numbers. The face cards like King, Queen etc have the value of 10 and the ace card has that of 1 or 11.

Play some of best Casino games at Chelsea Palace

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