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How Casinos Are Inspired From Sports to Create Online Slots

For casino game developers who seek to find new ways to implement new technology, sports are a great place to start from. They are ever looking for new ways to create themes and games that would take their businesses to the next level. Developing new online slots from scratch is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to come up with a game that is both exciting and enjoyable to casino owners and punters. The trouble is that competitors are probably making the same game design decisions as you. You could seek inspiration from films, TV, music, and books but sports have stood the test of time. Most casino games draw inspiration from film franchises, TV shows, and popular bands.

How Casinos Are Inspired From Sports to Create Online Slots

Crucial elements of online slots such as themes, formats of games, and a slew of other exciting features are built around existing games. But some features are common to most online slots. They cut across the board signalling that their developers drew inspiration from sports. Most probably, they were from titles that were so popular, and they sold in their millions.

Sports Features in Slots

Slots and sports share many common denominators. They have various features that appear in both niches. For example, bonus rounds have a slight variation to sports. In rugby, scoring a try wins you five points. But it doesn’t stop there. Players are given an opportunity to get more points by kicking the ball between the post. When taking fouls in basketball, players have a chance of getting more points by making another basket.

The same principle applies in slots. In some instances, when you get a win, you are offered the chance to get one more win. The options are many namely, double or quits, quadruple or quits or similar. It shows that it borrows heavily from the principles in sports which allow the player to get maximum winnings. Leader boards, scores and tournaments also borrow from sports. They are all elements that have been incorporated from traditional sports.

The general aim is to make players hunger for more. Yes, users can make money, but it is also satisfying to know that you are the first in a leader board or are winning against your friends. It also brings in an element of taking risks. Winning in online slots, like in life, is great and rewarding. On the flipside, losing dents your spirit. That’s why users dust themselves up and work towards making better-informed choices.

There are certain obvious themed similarities. For example, some online slots are themed around football, golf, boxing, cricket, baseball and many others.

A Few Sport-Based Slots

Football slots are a great example of online slots that borrowed from traditional sports. Football slots always have promotions during or when worldwide football tournaments like the World Cup, Euros, and Copa America among others. Other slots include Champions Cup, Sensible Soccer, Shoot Online slot and Score, all try to bring about the same exciting feeling that real competitive football brings.

As is the case with traditional football that gets you close to the major prize with every win, football slot gets you close to the jackpot when you win every round. If not, you can earn extra winnings from bonuses. Themes can be drawn for a wide range of games such as gold, boxing, and racing. It makes sense that most gamblers are also sports fans.

There are slots themed after wrestling legends such as Andre, the Giant. Or tennis bigwigs such as Any Murray. Golfers will love Rory Mcllroy’s themed slot. Slot machines stem from popular sports and are marketed as such.

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