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Casinos and the Move Towards Skill-Based Games

The thrill of staking money and winning rewards has been the major attraction among gambling enthusiasts. The focus was mostly on playing chance based games like roulette and slot games though quintessential games of Blackjack and Baccarat did involve skills and practise to be played well. It’s not that casinos lover don’t find this appealing anymore, but the overall trend of the industry has been undergoing a change with more and more skill-based games introduced every now and then.

Casinos and the Move Towards Skill-Based Games

Skill-Based Online Slot Games at Casinos

The traditional slot machines didn’t really have much scope of offering players with the opportunity of exploring their skills. Slots were designed to stake money and just hit the spin button. With the advancement of technology, providers enhanced slot machines with further innovation. The chance of winning pulled players to place bets but with time there was a need for something more engaging. Probably, this is one of the reasons why computer games and video games started gaining popularity. These days what you can play at an online gambling site is much more engaging than before. Most quality slot games today are designed with spectacular graphics and captivating features such as bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers and much more. Skill oriented video slots are entertaining as well as engrossing. Players cherish the skill factor involved in the game that gives them an opportunity to compete with their fellow players and friends trying to solve bigger challenges than simply playing with their own money.

Most of the millennial casinos’ enthusiasts look forward to engaging their time and money meaningfully when gambling. For instance, the arena of sports betting has also been expanding with people investing in various categories of sports. While gambling sites have been promoting skills oriented games to tap segments of gambling enthusiasts, whether there will be a complete transition is still a question. A larger number of operators are hosting different products where players can play with chips instead of real money. Such games focus on engaging gamers in gaining from other players staking money than themselves making deposits and relying upon wins from their own staked cash amount.

Looking at the audience for a classic chance based games such as roulette even at online casinos, it’s unlikely that skill based games will overtake anytime soon. What’s more likely is that a parallel market will shape up catering to the needs of the skill-based gaming admirers creating wider scope for the providers and operators.

The Social Perspective of Gambling at Casinos

The involvement of players in games beyond the random wins increases participation in playing for definitive targets. These work as incentives for players enabling healthier competitions and simultaneously push providers to work on a basic reward structure. The introduction of more competitions, tournaments and races at top casinos signifies the demand for qualitative engagement of players and clever development by operators. The multiplayer options on games have increased manifold times at gambling sites and more players choose to play against real players instead of against computers alone.

The better the range of games under one roof, the higher the scope for casinos to also increase their profitability. Not to forget, games that draw more people playing together call for more pooling of money as well. Puzzle games such as Candy Crush, Deal or No Deal Poker or slots such as Lucky’s Quest from IGT are among the games that depict innovation, infuse more energy and generate further possibilities of taking skill-based games to a higher level.

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Posted On: 03/06/2019

Author: Robert Bowron

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