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Contra D’Alembert System of Betting

Being among the more popular options available in the world of betting systems, the Contra D’Alembert System, as the name suggests, is the direct opposite of the D’Alembert System. The principle followed by this system of betting involves potential loss minimisation and potential profit maximisation. Roulette, Scraps, Baccarat and Blackjack can be played by employing the strategy of this system.

Contra D’Alembert System of Betting

The Contra D’Alembert System builds on the inherent flaws of the D’Alembert System to provide a contrarian view in terms of strategy. The D’Alembert Systems believes that players have a higher probability of a winning bet after a losing bet and a higher probability of a losing bet after a winning bet. This results in reduction in the bet after a win and increase in bet after a loss.

Standing exactly at the opposite, the Contra D’Alembert System believes that extended losing bets using the D’Alembert System can potentially finish off his bankroll and with the bets decreasing, a subsequent long stretch of winning bets can never recover all that was lost earlier. Thus, using this system, a long winning stretch can turn out to be a bonanza while a long losing stretch can seem pretty much of no consequence.

Usage of Contra D’Alembert System

This system should ideally be used at even money bets at certain casino games as previously stated. There are simple steps to build a strategy in place to use this betting system which includes:

Rule 1: Deciding One Unit of the Bet

The first thing a player needs to decide is the amount of money to place in a single unit of betting, also called the base unit. It is recommended to place less than 5% of your total betting bankroll in one unit.

Rule 2: Start With a Single Unit

This system stipulates that players stake just a single unit of money in the first bet of a game cycle.

Rule 3: Increase Units After a Winning Bet

In case of a winning bet, the units staked in the next wager must increase by one unit. As an example, if the first stake of £5 is won in a bet, the next wager should increase to £10. If you win again, the subsequent wager must increase to £15. This rule is applicable to each and every bet.

Rule 4: Decrease Units After a Losing Bet

In case of a losing bet, the units staked in the next wager must decrease by one unit. However, as an exception, if the bet is lost in the first wager, the units staked in the next wager remains the same.

This is all there is to this system. The inherent simplicity of this system is the main attraction for players using it.

Practical Results of the Contra D’Alembert System

Overcoming the shortfalls of the D’Alembert System, the Contra D’Alembert System does let you win big when you have a continuous winning streak and also keeps losses to a minimum upon a long losing streak out of bad luck. However, the chances of long winning or losing streak are itself quite low if calculated mathematically but when they do happen, this system nails it completely.

This brings us to a situation where the Contra D’Alembert System gets exposed to its flaws. If we consider a normal and even distribution of winning and losing bets, this system can lose money even if a player wins and loses the same number of bets. In fact, there are some sequences which can lose money even when winning bets are more than losing bets. Players need to be cautious of this outcome as it can have unintended consequences.

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