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Understanding the Different Types of Wilds in Online Slots

If you a regular player of the online slot games, you would definitely be familiar with the various game symbols involved in these games and the value they carry. There are a few symbols in the slot games which help the players to activate the various bonus features and one such symbol is the wild symbol.

Wild symbols are the most sought symbol while playing the online slots as they can substitute any other game symbols on the reels except the scatter symbol thus providing the players with higher payouts. Well, the wild symbols are not just of one kind, but many.

Let us get to know about them in detail.

Understanding the Different Types of Wilds in Online Slots

Different Kinds of Wild Symbols

Every time the wild symbol pops out, it does add excitement and thrill to the game as it offers the players with multiple benefits. The following are the different types of wild symbols offered when the players engage themselves in playing the online slots. Explore various themed online slots now!

Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wilds appear on the top of the game symbols. They are the most liked symbols as they initiate the players to earn higher payouts and rewards. Also, it enables the players to make more winning combinations as they are likely to hit multiple paylines per spin.

These type of wilds appear both vertically and horizontally on a single reel.

Expanding Wilds

Many of the online slot games offer expanding wild feature and they usually appear with stacked wilds.
Apt to its name, one of the aims of expanding wilds is to expand on a reel completely. These type of wild symbols are usually activated on certain conditions.

It functions similar to that of the stacked wilds where both of these features create wilds on the reel thus offering the players with more winning combinations.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds appear while playing the online slot games. They land on the reels and substitute the other game symbols. These wilds share the same characteristics of a regular wild and offer the players with additional spins.

Overlay Wilds

Overlay wilds appear stacked and are of a particular shape and design. They land on the reels and can replace the other symbols. They tend to pop up merely by chance when the reels are spun and they do not appear on the top in place of a regular wild. For instance, in the Guns N Roses slot game, the overlay wild appears in the shape of a cross which takes up 5 symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The wild features are undoubtedly one of the greatest motivational forces which drive the players to play the online slot games as it helps them to activate the exciting bonus features offered in the online slot games.

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