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The Double Street Quad System in Roulette

Roulette has been one of the classic, standard games that have seen quite a substantial amount of popularity in over the years. It’s one such game that has been enjoyed by millions in casino venues around the world. Naturally, people seem to find and evolve various strategies to win decent payouts in the game. One such strategy is ‘the Double Street Quad System’ that has proven to be effective in Roulette. It increases the chances of winning payouts by enabling the player to cover a lot many numbers on the table, as far as possible.

The Double Street Quad System in Roulette

The Double Street Quad System – its meaning and application

This strategy involves a combination of inside bets that could be made. This involves making a double street bet, followed by placing a chip on the corner and a straight up bet as well. This way, the player is able to cover about 17 numbers on the table. It’s done by effectively placing 2 chips on each of the double street bets, followed by placing one chip on any corner bet and finally a single chip for the straight up bet. Even though if this strategy doesn’t allow the player to cover even half of the table yet, this will be compensated for the probable chances of winning through this strategy’s application.

The Double Street Quad System – its method and logic

The 2 double street bets are parallel to 2 line bets. It will help to cover 12 numbers at the same moment, i.e. 4 rows consisting of 3 numbers each. In the advent of a win, the bet placed on 2 adjacent rows enables the player to win an odd of 5 to 1 chance. The corner bet is placed on the square box of the betting layout, thus, enabling the player to cover 4 numbers. In the advent of a probable win, it will aid the player to avail returns on an odd of 8 to 1. The straight-up bet is placed on any selected number on the table. If the player wins, the payout for this would be equivalent to 35 odds against 1.

The Double Street Quad System – Pros and Cons of this strategy

The Double Street Quad System allows players to win more than a decent range of payouts. This strategy has proven to be effective in a game where chances of winning equal the number of outcomes that could be covered. 17 numbers covered, even though does not constitute as half of the table, is still substantial in number and thus a greater chance of availing an overall profit.

However, roulette still remains a game of chances. It is highly likely that players can come across an unfortunate advent of an event where they incur a continuous streak of losses. In this scenario, this strategy would still be of no value and thus, it would be difficult for players to recoup back into the game at a steady pace.

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