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Everything you Need to Know About Random Number Generators

All games are random and fair. Well, at least most of them. However, most people don’t know the inner workings of these slots. Maybe because the topic is quite complex. But wouldn’t you want to know? No, not the complex stuff. The basics only.

Well, let’s take a look and how random number generators work

Everything you Need to Know About Random Number Generators

What is a Random Number Generator?

As the term suggests, this a computer program that chucks out random results. That’s not all though, there are various random number generators. The ones used in casinos are known as number generators. This means that they don’t require any external data to produce a result. All is required is an algorithm and an initial number also called the seed. These seeds are produced every other millisecond and this is done by either taking the last or first 2 and using a mathematical operation on them to come up with a random result.

However, as you can see, you can get the outcome since mathematics is not about speculation. 2+2 is always equal to 4. As such, random number generators aren’t as random as you might want to think. The algorithms don’t change and can be hacked. In addition, these algorithms are known and if you happen to know the sequence, then you can use the same to cheat your way into wins.

How Casinos Use RNGs

Random Number Generators are used in games that don’t have a dealer. Not only are they used in online casinos, but also in offline casinos as well. This includes games such as roulette and blackjack.

The general concept behind RNGs is as follows:

  • The RNG assigns a certain value to every symbol on the reels. Say there are 10 symbols in single reel while the slot comes with 5 reels.
  • The RNG will produce a value from 1 to 10 for every single reel. The final result will be 5 different symbols. If you are lucky to form a winning combo with these symbols, then you’ll be paid accordingly.

How Do RNGs Maintain Randomness and Fairness?

To maintain randomness and fairness, all casinos, reputable ones for that matter, are always tested by the 3rd party and independent parties. Some renown testing companies include Technical Systems Testing now owned by Gaming Laboratories International. Some of the tests performed include:

  • Evaluation of random number generators
  • Mathematics and game evaluations
  • Poker system tests
  • Pari-mutuel and lottery system evaluations
  • Betting exchange, sportsbook and live dealer evaluations
  • Penetration testing and comprehensive security checks

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