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Fun Facts About Gambling You Never Knew

There are various ways people have resorted to having a good and enjoyable time – be it sports, partying, following hobbies etc. However, Casino Gambling is one such practice that is followed as a profession as well as sometimes for leisure as well! Over the years, millions of people have resorted to casino gambling and a lot many interesting events occur each and every day, in this very industry. This article features some facts about gambling that many people might not know about, but are interesting and worth knowing! Although professional players might be well adept in these facts, yet, there are some interesting features that they might consider to read as well!

 Fun Facts About Gambling You Never Knew

The world’s largest casino – fun facts about gambling

The casino industry has always been subjected to stereotyping, where most people subject its grandiose characteristic to that of Las Vegas. Although they might still be correct in their assumption, it still stands a bit low on accuracy as well. China, one of the world’s largest country, is a haven for gamblers and professional players as well! In fact, it also has one of the largest casinos that is situated in Macau, China. The Venetian stands as a monolith, covering an astonishing area of 10.5 million sq. ft! The place hosts one of the most flamboyant lifestyles and offers more than 3,400 slot games and 800 gaming tables. Thousands of people flock this place every day and spend a fortune – that is mostly more than what an average to a large casino in Las Vegas would get over a week’s time!

The oldest casino game recorded in history – fun facts about gambling

The eternal topic (and as fun facts about gambling) that remains debated among the proclaimed casino enthusiasts and aficionados – which is the oldest casino game that has been recorded in history? This shouldn’t be confused with the oldest game that has been recorded even in the pre-historic times, i.e. a game of dice. The oldest casino to have been established has been recorded to be in Venice, Italy. The Ridotto was set up in 1638 by the government, present then. And the oldest casino game to have been recorded is ‘Roulette’! This game is believed to have been migrated to America by the French who fled the French Revolution and took refuge in America. The game then took over its own flavour and is now what is known as ‘American roulette’.

The maze setup of casinos around the world – fun facts about gambling

Casino venues are a bunch of smart people. They sure do know how to keep gamblers in their venues and keep them intrigued into gambling more! And so, most casino venues have resorted to smart architectural setups to serve this very purpose. Most casinos around the world have a maze-like setup – literally! They place their slot games and game tables at certain strategic spots, so as to entice players to stay at their venues and not leave their premises!

Card symbols and their meanings – fun facts about gambling

Seldom do people ever put a thought on what the symbols on the very cards that they play with, ever mean. Have they been added randomly or do they really carry any meaning? In fact, have these symbols always remained the same, throughout history? Yet remains as facts about gambling to be explored!

Card symbols have changed over time and over a region of influence too.  The standard four suits that are followed all around the world today was, in fact, originated in the 15th century in France. Although every suit symbol type has its own meaning, in general, all the 4 symbols (heart, spade, club, and diamond) represent the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water). They also have a significant meaning besides their elemental values as well – they represent the struggle between the common and the noble class that reigned in medieval Europe. They represent the values of the lower class and their struggle and ultimate victory against the tyranny of the noble class in medieval Europe, as well!

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