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Gen-Y or Millennials: Casino Optimization

Gen-Y or Millennials: Casino Optimization

Generation-Y (GEN-Y) or the Millennials are those individuals who are born between the early ‘80s and the late ‘90s, that is, those who are born between 1981 to 1996. This is the era where we got internet and smartphones, and that is how the hindrance of time, distance, and communication was removed. This is the era that brought together the people; this was the era of high industrialization and Globalisation. The Millennials or the GEN-Y form a very hefty 87 million people in the United States of America and 133 million people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, according to a recent survey.

Millennials or the GEN-Y is the first generation to have the privilege of growing up with modern technologies at their discretion. They account for the 30% sale income (retail) in the United States of America alone and, they are also responsible for the annual expenditure of € 1.2 trillion worldwide. Even though the Millennials or GEN-Y accounts for a huge expenditure annually, they do not like to waste their money as they understand the scarcity of money and amenities, therefore, lack of money is the primary obstacle that was crossed by the Millennials but yet they continuously want to improve their style of living, and they are even willing to pay a hefty sum of money without any hesitation. They believe in socially responsible companies and believe in a sustainable way of living their life.

Millennials or GEN-Y: The gamblers!

Well, Millennials generally do not like a gambler as much as their predecessors, Generation-X liked to. According to a survey, only 22% of the whole Millennials considered gambling at a casino to be a recreational activity. This is a great concern for a casino as they are losing their customers and suffering losses. The casinos have come to realise this the hard way that, unlike their predecessors, the GEN-Y is not exactly “addicted” to gambling at a land-based casino. All the casinos have come to this realisation that to attract the Millennials or GEN-Y they have to improve a lot and even evolve as generally, the Millennials are bored of the classic and outdated games offered by the casino. 

Millennials do not want to waste their “blood and sweat” earnings on the old and outdated casino games; rather, they would like to sit at their houses and would pass their time in some other ways. Hence, they download games, and that is why the mobile gaming industry has surpassed the casino or gambling industry. That is why the casinos have tried to evolve with the needs of the Millennials and also the current generation by introducing online gambling apps, and this was a good idea because the online gambling industry has become very successful in a considerably short time period.

Millennials have quite a changed outlook towards gambling, as they want variables in the old games, and they would rather spend their hard-earned money on drinking and dancing than on risking them on the old games. Millennials generally like to play those games which urge their interest and at the same time is interesting and challenging. Due to the changed outlook on gambling, the gambling industry has taken a downfall.

Optimisation for Millennials: The only ways

The Millennials or GEN-Y do not want to put their hard-earned money on the line due to their sceptical nature. Therefore, they must have to be attracted to the gambling industry by introducing skill-based and also those games which challenge their ability to perform; at the same time, the game should have to sophisticate and entertain. 

Online casinos are trying to evolve by introducing and integrating “V.R Technology” with online casinos. This will attract a huge crowd of Millennials towards the casinos because this will enable the users to get the real land-based casino experience in the comforts of their homes, and also it is a very innovative idea.


It has become a matter of utmost importance that the casinos have to optimise themselves with the need and advancement of its customers. Therefore, the casino has to evolve themselves according to the needs of the new generation so as to minimise their loses and also increase the number of customers. So, don’t just wait rather head out and try a game at a casino!

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Blog Name: Gen-Y or Millennials: Casino Optimization

Posted On: 14/10/2019

Author: Robert Bowron

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