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How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

Although Scratch Cards aren’t as popular as other casino games, they are increasingly becoming sought-after by the day. The reasons are clear. One, they are a fun and fast way to test how lucky you are. Secondly, Scratch Cards do not necessarily have to be sold in the casinos, they can be found in small booths or even in vending machines. Third, some Scratch Cards are not solely used for gambling but for humanitarian causes, promotional material, and charity. Online Scratch Cards are just as popular.

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

History of Scratch Cards

The first Scratch Card games were sighted in the 1970s. They were an iteration of instant lottery tickets that were developed by a company called Scientific Games. These heralded the creation of Scratch Cards as we know them now. A decade after the creation of the modern-day Scratch Card, Astro-Med created and patented the new scratch-off instant win card which dictated how people played Scratch Card games.

This new iteration was loved by gamblers and gambling hobbyists because the Scratch Cards were cheap and offered an exciting prospect of cashing on instant wins. Winning was also simple: you only needed to scratch the card and ensure that it matched the winning combination. That the simplest games are also the most popular, is a no-brainer. Each card was divided into six by perforations and a rubberised scratch-off in that could be easily be shed off by scratching it with a coin. To win, some companies required that players match a handful of numbers while others required two or three symbols.

Currently, Scratch Cards have become popular across the world, especially to promote products and services and to raise money The internet has made it possible to develop online Scratch Cards which share the same features as traditional Scratch Cards. Online casinos introduced them in 2009, making them a big hit with all gamblers.

Rules of Online Scratch Cards

The rules and gameplay of these Scratch Cards are just as simple and straight-forward as the traditional Scratch Cards. While when playing traditional Scratch Cards, players scratched their cards with a coin, today, the symbols on online Scratch Cards are displayed by moving the cursor. Scratching the cards using the cursor also adds a layer of fun in the games. A simpler option is to click or press a button that reveals all the hidden symbols instantly and is mostly used by players who want to play as many games as possible.

Players are only required to sign up on any online casino, follow the sign-up instructions and click on the Scratch Card Tab. Most casino present players with two options: play for fun, or play to win real cash. Expectedly, to play for real money, you’ll need to deposit cash from your bank account to your casino account by using the many deposit options available.

Online Scratch Cards can be recreated to match different casino games like slots. These can either be through themes such as action, sports, adventure, cartoons, and casino themes – all which improve general user experience. Like traditional ones, online Scratch Cards provided by different casinos require that you match a specific number of symbols to win.

Tips to Play Online Scratch Cards

  1.   Scratch Card games have a coin selector that allows you to input the amount you want to spend per game. This is a great feature since it allows you to confine yourself to a specific budget.
  2.   As mentioned above, players can scratch their cards either by using their cursor or clicking a button to instantly reveal the symbols beneath.
  3.   It is prudent to only start playing online Scratch Cards after setting a budget and deciding on a limit. Equally important is to have a keen eye on bonuses.
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