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How Online Slot Machines are Built

Online slot machines are the simplest of the casino games to play and yet the most entertaining ones. Now, as much simple as you find to play them, there goes in a lot of efforts to build these machines accurately. Check out how and who all are involved in making these machines fabulous to play!

How Online Slot Machines are Built

How it all begins?

Firstly, the idea of what kind of machine and theme is required is designed. Right from designing the basic thing to preparing an actual working machine takes around a year’s time. But, of course, now there is a pre-existing model of the slot machines mechanism which is like a mould that can be used to create a different kind of online slot machines accordingly. This is helpful in many ways and cuts down the time that will get wasted in building the framework each time someone thinks of producing new online slot machines.  

Now, there are a number of people involved in building these machines like the slot games designer, software developer, server builder, a game testing team, project handler, content creator, graphics designer, configurator and such.

Designing Online Slot Machines

The team involving creative people, product manager and marketing professionals are the first ones that gather to decide the game design. Various themes, characters, number of reels, paylines, background and such are discussed on tremendously and accordingly the game is shaped.

Other factors like demographics of where the game will be launched, marketing statistics, the mood of the game and such all matters are involved in this stage itself!

Further Addition of Game Features

Sometimes features of the old game are picked and again added it to the new game. In such cases, the game is basically the same one but the developer is different. Take for example Pyramids of Giza online slot machines. It is developed by different developers like Genesis Gaming, Blazesoft and such. These developers design the game with different gaming options and different game name but the theme is basically the same.

Another method is the developers create a completely new game that is absolutely not dependent on any other game. Like Eye of Horus by the Real Time Gaming Developers.

Also, the creative team is responsible for many details of the game like the colour of the game, theme, background figures, on-reel symbols, fonts, audio creation, characters, buildings, objects and such.

Determining Themes and Custom-made Online Slot Machines

Developers are at free will to determine what theme is best and popular among players and accordingly repeat the same theme with few changes. There are times when developers are asked to create or include a specific character into the online slot machines. This usually is based on what is currently popular at the time of developing the game like a particular character, a dance element, a popular musician, the main character of a movie and such.

This kind of requirement is often taken as a challenge by the gaming industry. Such kind of custom-made branded games requires a thorough understanding of the background of the characters (mentioned above). Accordingly, the character’s strengths, weaknesses, scenes, highlights, enemies and all are researched and modelled into the form of the slot game and presented to the users.

The work of the building the online slot machines doesn’t stop here. Even after it is presented to players, it is continuously monitored to check responses offered to the game. Be it an utter hit or flop, developers keep making changes in the game every now and then to get it better and stay with the trend!

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Posted On: 18/03/2019

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