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How Exactly Slot Machines Work?

Have you ever wondered just how slot machines work? If so, you can wonder no more, because a detailed explanation of their characteristics is featured below.

How Exactly Slot Machines Work?

Randomness Is The Name

Though this might seem totally unbelievable, it just so happens that each spin outcome is totally random. This absolute randomness is a chief characteristic of slots and helps keep players on their toes.

RNG Rules

On slot machines, there is a software called the Random Number Generator. This works in selecting a random number that will show up on each featured reel, with the said number being matched to a stop on its specific reel. When the reels are spun, they come to a halt on those spots that were previously chosen by the RNG. As a result of this, the game is effectively over, with wins and losses pre-determined by the RNG even before the reels actually start spinning. The reels only spin just to cater to player tastes and merely as a courtesy. In fact, spinning reels are not actually required in a slot as the outcome has already been determined by the RNG even before the reels can spin up.

Stop And Conquer

In most non-progressive slot machines, there are like a dozen stops on each reel. In electro-mechanical slots, there is a “virtual” reel that has from 64 to 256 stops, with this being mapped to 22 stops that are physically present on the reels. This is necessary because there’s simply no space on the reel to accommodate all the featured stops. During gameplay, the stops are then selected by a computer program.

Come To Jackpot Country

The feeling when a jackpot hits is nothing short of ecstatic! But what are the odds of actually hitting a jackpot? Well, it varies according to the reel set. So, supposing that gameplay takes place on a slot with 3 reels, the probability that a jackpot icon will appear on one reel is 2/128. On the other hand, the odds of hitting the jackpot on all of the 3 reels is set at 2/128 x 2/128 = 1 in 262, 144.

It’s All In The Percentage

The payback percentage in online slot machines shows how much of what is spent playing slots the said slot pays back in the form of wins. The percentage can be found by multiplying the odds of each icon forming a win, times the payout for wins that each particular icon triggers. These payouts are then added up, and form the payout percentage.

The RNG Never Sleeps Even when no one is playing a slot, the RNG is still hard at work and will every single second select hundred of totally random numbers that will be used for gameplay. When the slot machines lever is pulled by you or the spin button is pressed, from 3 to 5 of these numbers are chosen by the RNG for your game. So, should someone get really lucky on a slot machine you just abandoned, don’t think that you would have won the money had you continued playing because that is simply not possible. This is due to the fact that you would have undoubtedly pressed the Spin button at a different time than the winner did. And with each microsecond delay in pressing the Spin button, the RNG forms a different combo per spin. The reason for all this is to prevent players from discerning any pattern that can be exploited for consistent wins.

Par For The Course

All slot machines have a par sheet. This is compiled by the makers and shows the different available icons, as well as the paytable. The par sheet can be used to calculate the payback.

Near Misses Get Players Hooked

Near misses are a staple in the slots world. They give players the illusion that they almost landed a jackpot icon and will convince them to keep playing in other to ostensibly land such icons again.

Bonus Me Tender

During bonuses, the matter of free will comes up. So, say there are multiple boxes which must be picked from so as to uncover a prize, players might legitimately wonder if the box they select is all that vital or if the prizes per box are exactly the same, rather than being different as stated in the game description. The answer to this is that the contents of such boxes are the same as advertised, with players standing a random chance of hitting it big.

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