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How To Determine If The Slots Machines Give Ethical Results?

Most of the players tend to have questions regarding the honesty of slots. They just want to know if the slot machines are able to cheat on them. If the definition of honest is ‘free of deceit and untruthfulness’ to you, then, you can say that slot machines are definitely honest. The thing is that slot machines will not be able to cheat you if you know the right technique to play it. Once you get hold of the mathematics and calculations that are involved with it, things will get easier for you. You need to get one thing cleared that slot machines work mathematically. It has nothing to do with cheating. You understand the technique; you have higher chances of winning. As simple as that. Making money on slots is a matter of luck. So let’s see how a slot machine performs mathematically. 

How To Determine If The Slots Machines Give Ethical Results?

How Do Slots Work?

Have you come across the chapter ‘probability’ in your mathematics subject? Gambling or rather slots have a lot to do with this discipline. Probability determines the number of chances that an event has got to occur. It is usually represented as a number between 0 and 1. Say an event will always occur irrespective of any condition that has a probability of 1. The probability will be 0 if the event has no chance of occurring. The probability will be 0.5 if the event takes place half the time. 

Remember that probability is always expressed as fractions or percentages. That is also one of the reasons that gambling always brings forth 50-50 chances of winning and losing. You can never be too sure in case of gambling. 

Here’s an example to help you understand the concept of probability better. Say, you have been asked to flip a coin. The coin has 50% chances of landing on heads and 50% chances of landing on tails. Add all the possibilities, and you will have a total of 1. If gambling is a machine, then, the probability is the oil that keeps it going. Coming back to slots, let’s find out how to calculate probability in the simplest way possible. 

Easy Tricks to Calculate the Probability

There are multiple ways to calculate probability in slots. Listed down are some of the most common ones. Have a look and try them out yourself to see which method suits your purpose best. Let’s get started. 

  • Assume the total number of ways an event can happen. Divide all the chances by the total events that are possible and not possible. 
  • You can also use odds to calculate the probability. This process will come in handy if you want to know if a bet will be mathematically profitable for you or not. You need to calculate the number of ways that an event can’t happen versus the number of ways it can happen. 

These are the two methods that you can use to calculate probability in slot machines as well. Now let’s check out how to apply this mathematical knowledge to a slot machine game. 

How to Implement Probability to a Slot Machine Game?

You must be wondering how probability affects the honesty of slot machines. As stated earlier, slot machine games are a matter of luck. However, probability calculations can help you have higher chances of making money. So let see how. 

Let’s say a slot machine consists of 3 symbols on each reel such as lemon, orange, and cherry respectively.

Your chances of getting a lemon on reel 1 are 1/3.

Your chances of getting a lemon on reel 2 are 1/3.

Therefore, it is the same prediction for all the reels. 

Now the game is successful if you get the same symbol on each reel thrice. The probability of that would be- 1/3 X 1/3 X 1/3, or 1/9.

Now assume that the payoff for having three lemons is 4 for 1. The same for having cherries is 3 for 1 — finally, the chances of getting 3 oranges in even money. 

The conclusion would be:

  • Chances of winning 4 coins = 1/9
  • Chances of winning 3 coins are the same 
  • Chances of winning 1 coin are also the same
  • Chances of winning nothing are 2/3 or 6/9. 

If you play 9 spins and invest $1 for each spin, you are supposed to get all the possible results at least once. Therefore, you will end up having 8 coins for yourself at the end of the game. What about the extra 1 coin? Well, that goes into the pockets of the casino

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