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Importance of Volatility in Casino Games

It goes without saying that every casino game depends on your luck with a great deal. However, what you do on your day or what you do when it is not your day at casino decides how good you are as a player. There are several factors that help a player decide the best strategies for his/her next move.

Importance of Volatility in Casino Games

For example, the volatility of casino games is the measure of the risk factor involved. Therefore, it provides a better idea of how and which game should a player play depending on the bankroll. However, the concept of volatility sounds simpler than it actually is. Making the best out of variance strategies requires keen focus, smartness, and a great deal of casino knowledge. Here is a guide on how volatility affects casino games.

Volatility in Casino Games

In simplest words, volatility, also known as variance provides an estimate of the risk factors involved in a game. Therefore, the higher the volatility, the higher the risk and the lower are the chances of winning. But gamble houses introduce a bittersweet twist in the whole scenario of gambling to make the best out of any situation. How? Well, casinos offer mega payout on the games with high variance and not so exciting prizes with casinos games having a low variance.

Does Volatility Affect the Chances of Winning?

No, the volatility does not affect the chances of winning or frequency of winning. Volatility has nothing to do with how a player will perform in a game. It just simply provides an estimate in advance that a particular game has a certain chance of winning. On this basis, casino games are of three types

  • Low variance: These type of games have a great probability of winning and therefore, the payout is not much exciting. Low variance games are suitable for players who like to play safe.
  • Medium variance: A medium volatility game has both risk factor and payout value greater than that of low variance but lesser than high variance games. These type of games are suitable for players who have a decent bankroll and like to play for a longer time testing their luck.
  • High variance: As the name suggests, these games have a very high-risk factor involved. Therefore, the chances of winning a game are quite low. To make things interesting, casinos offer a very handsome payout on high variance games. These casino games are perfect for players with a big bankroll.

Here Is How a Player Can Make the Best Strategies Based on Volatility:

Low Variance Games Are Not Always the Best Option

Players see these casino games as a safe option. Although they pay frequently, the payout is very low. There is not much benefit a player can make by spending a lot of time on low variance games. Therefore, if you’ve got a good bankroll, go for medium or high variance slots.

Trust Your Intuition

These games, especially slots depend on luck by a great deal. Therefore, whenever there’s a situation when you can’t make your mind up, just go with your gut feeling.

Never Expect Too Much Back

High variance casino games spark an image of high-risk factor but this image is quickly blurred by the fact that these games offer very handsome payouts. It sounds very tempting to come away with thousands of dollars. But a player should remember to never expect much as casinos are more likely to take from you than give back to you.

If It Is Not Your Day, Go for Low-Variance Games

Winning casino games is a matter of luck. Therefore, on a fine day, a player can effectively raise his/her bankroll. But when lady luck in not your side, you might end up losing a lot of money. Therefore, it is recommended to stop playing high-variance games if you’re losing continuously and instead try your luck with low volatility games for a while.

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