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Important Bonus Terms

Casino bonuses are just so amazing! However, these casino bonuses invariably feature bonus terms and conditions that spell out exactly how they can be put to use. Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of online gamblers never bother to read even a word of such conditions. They just sign up for whatever casino bonus that is available and hope for the best! That is however extremely unwise.

Important Bonus Terms

Signing up for a casino bonus without taking the time to read through the attached bonus terms can be likened to jumping into a minefield blindfolded. 

For example, take a player who didn’t even bother glancing through the attached conditions before making use of the advertised bonus. He/she could spend hours playing and eventually win around ₤1,000. 

Time to party, right? Eh, no! Turns out that the attached bonus terms state that around 70% of the bonus will be given back to the casino itself. Then there’s the story of a player who won a few thousand quid in a casino bonus. After dancing the entire afternoon away and standing the lads drinks at the club, it turns out that the bonus terms state that the bonus amount will be paid out at the rate of 10 quid per month for around 2,000 months!

While this might appear fairly ridiculous, it is still a fairly normal occurrence. To avoid it in the first place, all that is required is for players to thoroughly check out the bonus terms, which is sadly what most players have an aversion to doing.

Given the above, it is long past time that players took the exhaustive investigation of bonus terms very seriously. While engaged in this task, they might come across a few very important terms whose meanings might not be all that clear.

Three of these vital but oft-confusing terms are explained below.

Three Vital Bonus Terms Worth Knowing

Wagering Requirements 

All bonuses feature wagering requirements that are firmly attached. And so, this bonus term is worth knowing about. 

Wagering requirements refer to how many times players are required to “play through” a given bonus so as to be enabled to withdraw wins. Wagering requirements vary in size and can range from 10x to 50x and 100x. 

Take, for instance, a ₤10 bonus with a wagering requirement of 10x, this means that players must first wager a total sum of at least ₤100 before they can withdraw any wins. So, if a casino bonus is worth ₤500 and has a wagering requirement of 50x, that means players must first wager a total of at least ₤25,000 before they can touch any wins. 

As such an amount is beyond the capabilities of most players, hence, it is worth taking a good look at the wagering requirements of any casino bonus before even thinking about signing up for such a bonus.

Maximum Winnings

Casinos tend to impose an upper limit on how much can be won during their bonuses. This means that regardless of how much Lady Luck might decide to favour players, they can only win so much. 

It is usually the case that genuine welcome bonuses have a lower winning cap. For example, a no deposit bonus of say ₤10 will see maximum wins limited to ₤100 or less, with wagering requirements of around 10x being attached. In some cases, casinos offer a bonus of ₤500 and then limit the total wins to ₤100, while enforcing steep wagering requirements. Should that happen, such a bonus is sure to give more trouble than it is worth and should be avoided.

Time Limits

Most casino bonuses have bonus terms that mention specific time limits. These time limits make the bonuses valid for a few days, a week, or even a month. During this time limit, players who subscribe to bonuses are required to fully meet up to each and every terms and conditions. If the player feels that the given time limit is not sufficient to fulfil the wagering requirements for a particular casino bonus, then there is no point in signing up for such a bonus.

Casinos are not in the habit of giving out free money. As such, each and every one of their bonuses has bonus terms attached that prevents the misuse of the bonuses and makes it impossible for players to win unlimited amounts.

Players are thus encouraged to always check out the bonus terms and conditions of any casino. Otherwise, they are liable to find themselves up a creek without a single paddle in sight!

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