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Is the Outcome of Online Roulette Random?

Roulette emerged during the 18th century and ever since then, this table game has been irreplaceable in the casinos. Roulette was invented by a French inventor and Mathematician named Blaise Pascal while he was attempting to create a perpetual motion machine in the 17th century. This was followed by the introduction of the game across Europe and Roulette quickly established itself as one of the favourite games among the aristocracy at the Continent. The game travelled across the ocean to reach the New World where an important change was introduced to the game which was the wheel. Later the addition of the zero pockets nearly doubled its house edge.

Is the Outcome of Online Roulette Random?

Well, a few centuries later, there were numerous changes seen in the game of Roulette be it in the gameplay features and designs. Today, Online Casino Roulette is one of the best-loved table games preferred by the majority of players worldwide and this brings in a question as to whether Online Roulette is rigged or completely random. If you are one of those players who has pondered on this, then, you ought to read on.

The Outcome of Online Roulette

Online Casino Roulette is solely a game of luck and it is subjected to independent trials and this is what differentiated Roulette from other table games including Baccarat and Blackjack where every hand you play affects the outcome of the subsequent hands. Say, for instance, if you are holding two Ace cards, the chances are very less that you may receive another Ace card. But this does not hold true in case of Roulette. In the game of Roulette, the outcome of the game are completely independent of each other. In other words, each outcome is neither affected by previous results nor does it influence any results that follow. That is to say, there is no way for the players to obtain any handy information from previous spins that would enable them to predict accurately the results on subsequent spins.

The random outcome of Roulette takes place due to the random arrangement of numbers on the wheel which are not sequentially placed. This applies to Online Roulette as well. Hence, we can conclude by saying that each of the 37 numbers on a European roulette wheel has equal chances of being spun as the rest. The odds of hitting any individual number would always be 36 to 1 as there are 36 ways to lose the bet and only a single number guarantees a win. Likewise, if you have won with Black on the last round, the probability of hitting Black again on the very next spin will remain the same.

Biased Roulette Wheels

In a land-based casino, there are instances where the players are subjected to biased wheels. This takes place naturally as in most cases, from a defected wheel during the process of manufacturing or the wheel might have become biased as it tends to wear out due to prolonged use. It is to be noted that the biased wheels consist of two types. Some appear to favour specific individual numbers, while others, the ball prefers entire sectors covering greater clusters of pockets. There are different factors which might contribute to a wheel displaying bias over time. This might be a result of uneven deceleration and greater tilt, damaged balls, dissimilarities in pocket size, damaged or high pocket frets, and even minute scratches on the pockets’ surface.

House Edge in Online Roulette

Understanding the house edge in an Online Casino Roulette is extremely crucial. The house edge refers to the benefit the house or the casino holds over players. This is actually built in the payout percentages and in roulette, it is impossible to avoid or reduce because this is a game of independent trials and the players cannot predict the outcomes of the spins on the basis of previous results. In the game of roulette, you will also observe there is a discrepancy between the payouts and the actual probability of winning with each bet type. Remember that the house edge of all roulette bets is the same, the only exception being the Five Number bet, which is typical for the American variant and covers numbers 1, 2, 3, 0, and 00.

Random Number Generator in Online Roulette

Being a game of chance, Online Casino Roulette function on Random Number Generator or RNG. In Online Roulette,  the software generates an integer between 0 and 36. This integer is generated on the basis of an input which ranges between zero and a billion. Further, the software reduces the long number to a shorter one using complex algorithms.

Well, with the use of RNG there is no chance for the games to be rigged. However, there is a possibility that on providing the correct algorithms it is possible to rig the games. But not to forget, all the games which are featured in the casinos are thoroughly tested for its authenticity, legality and fairness regularly. The auditing and verifying the Random Number Generators and the average player return percentages are performed by impartial testing agencies, like the eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing (TST). So you need not to worry. Besides these, The third-party testing agencies also conduct tests to verify whether the payout percentages of the games are correct. From a player’s perspective, this is the most important statistics because it indicates how much money one can potentially collect overtime per every 100 units they bet at a given point in time.

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