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Online Slots Guide – Slot Machines Explained

From the first time slot machines came into existence in 1899, slots have changed the way people gamble. These slots have risen to be the most loved casino games today. Playing online slots is simple. All you must do is place a stake amount and spin the reels that contain certain symbols. The reels will then come to a halt at a random position. You will win if there is a combination of sorts on the reels, and that combination is the pre-fixed number of paylines of these online slots.

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Online Slots Guide - Slot Machines Explained

How online slots Work?

The evolution of technology has rendered the original slot machine useless because of the introduction of various features like free spins, expanding wilds and bonus features among others in online slots. However, the use of reels has been retained to determine the result of a spin.

Random Number Generator

Also referred to as RNG, in short, this is a fair technology introduced sometime after the invention of the 1st slot machine.

The outcome of any round is based solely on a random number that is generated by the RNG. This is a software that signals the reels to halt at a certain point which then determines the result of the game. You now see that your loss or win is determined by luck. There is no betting strategy, nor can you predict the result.

Slots contain a host of various mathematical formulas that define it:

  • The symbols in the reels
  • The prizes offered on the paytable
  • The probabilities and rules associated with bonus rounds
  • The settings in the bonus rounds

Combine all the above and the casino has an advantage over you.

Slot Variance/Volatility and RTP

The Return to Player

Also known as the RTP, this is the ratio of payout or a statistical rate where the total amount won is divided by the amount placed as a bet. Most games have an RTP of about 96% some go all the way to 99%. With these RTPs, you have an easier time comparing slots and choosing which you think has a higher RTP.

Slots Volatility

A single number cannot express the volatility of a slot game. This is because there are numerous, probably thousands, different ways you can form a winning combo.

Slots are often categorized into high, medium or low volatility slots. They don’t give an accurate figure; however, they give you a rough idea of what you can expect to win. The higher the volatility, the higher the amount you can win. Also, if a slot has a lower RTP, but has a higher volatility, then the volatility will compensate for the shortcomings of the RTP. You could also increase the volatility of a game using the following tricks:

  • The double up button: The RTP will remain constant, but you can increase the volatility to a certain value.
  • Increase the bet amount of an active payline: the probability of winning in that line are low. However, you should hit big wins.

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