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What are Paylines in UK Online Slots?

Paylines are one of the important gaming element in online slots that shapes the way it is to be played. Today, online slots come with many bonus features and gameplay options. Players need to know the kind of bonus features there are and the gameplay options at their disposal. By getting an idea of what paylines are, and how they work, will go a long way in improving your UK online slots playing experience and you will be able to reap good benefits out of them.

What are Paylines in UK Online Slots

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In simple terms, paylines in slots are basically betting lines in a slot where you need the right symbols to land to form win. For example, you can trigger bonus features if you are able to land three matching symbols on a particular payline. There are more such combinations based on the type of slot you are playing. You can get to know about the type of paylines in a slot by looking at the paytable. Paylines can be horizontal as well as vertical or diagonal.

In most cases, the number of paylines in UK online slots range between 25 and 20 paylines and sometimes 50 paylines. Based on the theme and plot of the slot, developers come up with the idea of the payline. In some slots, players are also able to choose the number of paylines they wish to have. However, in most cases they are predefined. For example, in a slot of five reels, it is expected that there will be 10 or more paylines. In the case of flexible paylines, you can select anywhere between 1-10 paylines and put lower stakes. In case you play a slot that has 10 paylines, you may have to shed around £0.20 for each spin based on the bet of £0.02 per payline. One of the advantages of placing bets on all paylines is that it increases your rewards.

In slots with fixed paylines, you would need to place bets on all the paylines. Although paylines play a major role in UK online slots, it is ultimately up to the player’s luck to get the right symbols at the right time on the paylines.

Players should also have an idea of whether the paylines in UK online slots offer a winning combination in single/both directions. In some slots, the winning combinations start from left to right and in some there can be winning combinations irrespective of the direction. Again, you need to be aware to play your game well and put stakes accordingly.

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