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Most Popular Roulette Systems In Use

The game of Roulette has always been popular and is widely enjoyed across the globe. While it is known as a game of chance, there are still some successful players who have poured lots of time and other resources developing what they call an effective system that would result in consistent wins at Roulette.

Most Popular Roulette Systems In Use

There are lots of Roulette systems around, with some popular Roulette systems having a frightful number of adherents. In the main, every popular Roulette system aims at minimising the house advantage and enabling the use of player skill to determine gameplay outcome, rather than trusting to the antics of Lady Luck.

There are really lots of popular Roulette systems floating around and there are some that work better than others. Let’s discuss them in detail.

The Most Popular Roulette Systems Are Hardcore and Fun

Every Roulette player seeks to apply effective systems that both ensure consistent wins and are not so complicated that the game becomes boring. However, before a Roulette system can be adopted, it is important to first decide exactly how much to invest in the game.

Roulette systems that require players to make frequent and expensive wagers are best suited for players with deep pockets who like to both bet and win big. But should the bankroll be small, it would be best to adopt a system that encourages small and infrequent bets.

Effective Roulette Systems

There is no really effective Roulette system that can guarantee consistent wins. This is due in large measure to the fact that Roulette is a game where pure luck determines most if not all of the gameplay outcome. So, even of the most sublime strategy is applied, Lady Luck can still intervene and ensure nothing tangible is won.

While some players do win astounding amounts at Roulette, those who lose are far greater than those who win. This is why Roulette is so profitable for casinos.

Still, while consistent wins might not be possible, even with the most popular Roulette systems in use, usage of such a system can often serve to enhance winning chances.

Online VS Offline Play

Playing Roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino offers a thrilling experience. However, online Roulette play is not all that bad and is usually recommended for newbies so that they can learn the ropes.

Experienced players as well prefer online play, as it enables them to try out the effectiveness of their various systems before applying it to a real casino. Online Roulette play also makes it possible for players to play demo modes and hone their skills. They can as well access generous welcome bonuses by signing up at one online casino or the other.

European vs American Roulette Systems

The two most popular Roulette systems are American and European. The main difference between this duo is that the American wheel has a double zero layout that the European one lacks. The presence of the double zero results in the American Roulette version having a significantly higher house edge than its European cousin.

Most Popular Roulette Systems

While there is currently an uncountable number of popular Roulette systems, they usually fall under one of two main groups – Progressive and Non-progressive. In the former case, players change their bet according to what happened during the last spin. Non-progressive strategies, on the other hand, disregard the results of the previous spins, with the wager staying the same.

The Most Popular Roulette Systems Around

Now, we come to the meat of the matter – the most popular Roulette systems. These will be briefly detailed below:

  • Martingale – This is easily the most popular Roulette system around and is easy to implement. It calls for doubling the wager on every loss and can be risky, as it can quickly deplete the bankroll.
  • Paroli – Here, the player is required to double the wager whenever a win is recorded. Doubling the wager is due to the expectation that a winning streak is on the way, and this is often proved right. As a result, this Roulette system is often regarded as being of more use than the Martingale.
  • Parlay – The Parlay Roulette system requires players to double the wager in cases of wins and make identical bets when losses are being encountered. It is a positive progression system that is actually quite similar to the Paroli.
  • D’Alembert – This is a flat progression betting system that is also referred to as the Cancellation System or the Pyramid System. This Roulette strategy came into existence back in the 18th century and stipulates that players decrease their wager by 1 following a win and boost it by 1 following a loss. This Roulette system is preferable due to its slight variance and simplicity but does require lots of focus and discipline.
  • Masse Egale – This type of bet is exclusively specified for Inside bets. It requires keeping the wager the same, regardless of if wins or losses are being experienced.
  • Kesselgucken – This means “to observe the Roulette wheel” and does not require any complex mathematical calculations. Instead, players are merely required to observe the motion of the Roulette wheel and so predict where the ball might end up. This is not easily done and for best results wagers are delayed until the last possible moment.
  • Oscar’s Grind – This stipulates that Roulette players bet flat when they are losing, and then double the wager when winning. In the long run, though, such a system will result in more losses than wins.
  • Shotwell System – This was first used sometime in the 1980s and has grown increasingly popular. This system aims to cover certain numbers that are distributed across a maximum of 5 units.
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