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The Reverse Martingale Roulette System

Roulette is a timeless casino game. With several eminent software providers innovating new games in the market, Roulette has gained much popularity with its multiple variants available online. Among a multitude of betting strategies used in the game, the Martingale System acts as a negative progression system where suggests increasing your gets after a loss and vice versa. Here’s a brief on using the reverse martingale system strategy.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette System

How does the Reverse Martingale System work?

Unlike the Martingale Roulette System, its reverse method applies the logic of increasing your bets after a win. This is a positive progression system and is also extensively used by veteran players to increase winning odds. Contrary to the martingale system, the reverse strategy cannot be used along the entire table as the stake will be on repeaters. For a winning streak, you may have to place bets on a specific part of the table several times together.

In the reverse martingale method, you need to bet on even chance bets. These could be red or black, odd or even and number 1-18 or 19-36. For instance, if you pick a colour to bet with 1, you ay bet 2 on the same colour. If this gives you a win, you can place a bet of 4 on the same colour again.

The aim of the Reverse Martingale System

This strategy recommends players to keep increasing their bets and hit the winning streak. However, you have to decide where to stop depending on your playing style. This is significant as the more you keep betting for wins it is likely to cost you more than what it can pay off in the long run.

Things to consider when applying the Reverse Martingale System

Seasoned players employ strategies only with experience and often try a combination of these through their extensive gaming sessions. There are few points to remember when applying any method in your gameplay. In the reverse martingale system for Roulette game, these are a few aspects to be kept in mind.

  • It’s better to wait until you have the colour you want to start betting with. If black is your choice, wait until black has hit and subsequently bet to get the following black ones in a row.
  • You will lose one each time you don’t reach closer to your desired point. Losses can be accumulated quickly in this strategy. Breaking even is good enough.
  • The Martingale system as suggested by experts should not be used aggressively and should be stopped as soon as the time is right. Even if you feel this is the casino’s money that you bet and lose, it actually is your winnings that you may have to lose to the house.
  • When playing the American Roulette format which has two zeros, you could lose more games though not much money on them as you will be betting only in minimum amounts.

Also known as Paroli, the Reverse Martingale System comes with a few advantages. Firstly, you won’t end up losing as much in this strategy as you are likely to wager minimum. Secondly, when doubling up you actually use the casino’s money to your advantage. Moreover, consecutive wins can increase your profits quickly and as long as your winning streaks continue.

However, with 48.6% of winnings on all even bets, the odds may not always be in your favour. The chances are even lesser in the American Roulette with two zeroes.

With 8 or 9 consecutive wins players are most likely to touch the table limit and cash winnings, though the chances are bleak.

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Posted On: 15/03/2019

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