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The Rise of Live Streaming

According to Wikipedia, live streaming refers to “online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewer.” This is all thanks to technology. A few decades ago, this wasn’t possible and now, this technology is available in multiple industries including gaming.

In 2006, YouTube was acquired by Google and what followed was the introduction of live streaming. This allowed the users to comment in real time on a live feed. Facebook followed suit in 2016 and so did many other social media platforms.

The Rise of Live Streaming

However, social media isn’t the only beneficiary of this amazing technology. Live Casino Gaming has also benefited in a major way, especially when it comes to eSports on platforms such as Twitch. The latter enables players to broadcast, watch and discuss games.

In fact, many say that Twitch is like ESPN in gaming. With such advancements, many players are joining the wave. eSports viewership stands at 292 million. Up from 204 million in 2014. This shows you how much live streaming means to the gaming world.

Live Streaming in Live Casino

Online casinos owe it to live streaming technology. Players can now enjoy live dealer games such as Live Baccarat, Dream Catcher, Speed Roulette among others. Live dealers have brought about the same atmosphere as that in the land-based casinos. In fact, players enjoy these games because of the convenience they come with not forgetting the cost-effectiveness.

Live Streaming Tournaments and eSports

Courtesy of live streaming, more people can catch their favourite eSports tournaments and live casino tournaments love from their devices. Because of such attention, players have to practice hard to prepare for the tournaments including hand to eye coordination and improving their motor skills to near perfection.

Viewers, on the other hand, get to witness first hand how players use the equipment available and the strategies they use to win. These tournaments have also brought in numerous big boy sponsors such as Red Bull and Logitech.

With such serious and massive support, many people across the world get to stream these tournaments live. Take League of Legends, for example, hosted in 2014. This championship attracted a staggering 27 million viewership in streaming.

Future of Live Streaming

Live streaming has opened up more avenues for players and game providers both in eSports and in live casinos. This is all thanks to the ever-evolving technology that continues to improve the internet speeds and the devices used in this space.

Going forward, many other forms of live streaming will come up. The most anticipated is the Virtual Reality gaming that allows players to view games in 3D while connecting other players from across the world.

Live Casino Games at Chelsea Palace

We at UK online casino continues to lead the pack when it comes to offering live casino games. Thanks to their investments in technology that allows quality live streaming, players can now enjoy a variety of live casino games such Live Baccarat and Live Blackjack.

Customer satisfaction is top on the list at Chelsea Palace. Players who encounter difficulties while on the platform can always get the help of the ever-ready customer care team.

Happy gaming!

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