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The role and significance of Roulette wheel

The role and significance of Roulette wheel

The Roulette cylinder was developed in a primitive form in the 17th century by Blaise Pascal, a famous French physicist, philosopher, and inventor. Roulette wheel finally came into existence due to his quest for creating a perpetual wheel motion. The game of Roulette was being played a century later around 1760 in France.

Roulette is a delightful game of fortune which features a spinning wheel, a ball, inside and outside bets, and a professional croupier. There are multiple variants in the Roulette game available to players, importantly American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette. Each Roulette variant is designed according to the necessity of the game in mind. Wheels are designed in such a way that randomness is assured on every spin.

Why the Roulette wheel is highly lauded?

There cannot be any major variations found between the land-based and Live Roulette game. The main dissimilarity arises as there will be no interruption of other players in an online casino. The rules are pretty obvious that even an amateur can quickly catch up with the Roulette action and it is the most-enjoyed game of fortune available at all casinos. Roulette is a social game and you are not betting against anybody else. Furthermore, there are no sides and everyone can make the same bet if they need. 

The house wins if the ball rests on 0 but the player can also beat based on house edge number. The minimum bet and the number of bets may vary according to the online Roulette variant chosen. The game’s house edge also varies depending on the game chosen and are purely chance driven.

Why the Roulette wheel is highly lauded

The logic of wheel layout

In both American and European variants, the arrangement of the numbers on the wheel track is completely different than what their arithmetic value would suggest and totally different for each of the types of wheels. This is one of the key aspects of lauding Roulette as an amazingly balanced game in theory. It is absolutely arduous for the novice player to make a mental picture of the wheel and understand the relation of the numbers and sectors.

Low and high numbers such as 1-18 and 19-36 alternate as much as possible but in the American wheel, there are many pockets with adjacent low numbers and adjacent high numbers. This is why the American variant is not considered as perfectly balanced as the European. Finally, odd and even numbers are evenly distributed along with the wheel with no more than two even or odd numbers adjacent to each other. The overall layout of the Roulette wheel uplifts the fairness of the game.

Construction of a professional Roulette wheel

Roulette is a fair game of chance and to maintain fairness throughout the game, a wheel should be devoid of any rigged elements. The topmost priority in designing a Roulette wheel is that the even distribution of weight. Also, the wheel and ball must be made of non-magnetic substance to prevent interference from magnetic sources. Ultimately, each pocket should be evenly spaced and should have precisely the same dimensions.

Roulette bet placements

Players are tasked with placing their bets in the form of Straight, Split, Street, Square, Red or Black, and so on in online casinos. Presently, real Roulette tables are associated with computer terminals with seats around the tables. Players have the option of placing their bets via the TV screen/computer terminal and wait for the results of the Roulette wheel spin. Many players are hugely benefited by this sort of functionality.

The effect on gameplay

Roulette has been around for centuries and nothing changes with the mind of players other than beating the game. Over time, there have been many attempts at finding patterns or at least exploit the game’s flaws. Currently, when manufacturers have high-tech instruments at their disposal, Roulette wheels are made precise that don’t age easily and don’t malfunction. Technology has undoubtedly solved most of the inconveniences faced by casinos but brought up new challenges such as dealing with Roulette deceleration.

The speed decreases at which the ball travels across the wheel until it stops in its temporary resting place. Slow down makes it hard for professional Roulette players to extract the most from their Roulette betting systems and thus ending in the favour of casinos. Manufacturers are performing their best to produce Roulette wheels that have no slow motion and their efforts are much appreciated by the dealers. Huge progress has been made in the direction and the latest wheels and are virtually unaffected by deceleration. 


The basic understanding of the game and wheel layout will always come handy while playing the wheel of fortune. Chasing losses can be prevented by sticking within your bankroll and playing only for fun. Don’t forget to practice responsible gaming at all times.

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