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Best Roulette Betting Systems

While it is good for every Roulette player to research and find out strategies they can adopt in a Roulette game. It is important to note from the start of this article that the strategies here do not really give players a clear, unwavering upper hand against the house. Every self-respecting and experienced Roulette player knows that there is no known betting system that gives them an advantage on the house. However, what every player can rely on are roulette betting systems that can minimise the damage to their gaming account. This article highlights five of these Roulette betting mechanisms that players can try out on Chelsea Palace today.

Best Roulette Betting Systems

Five Roulette Betting Systems:          


Double Your Bets Strategy

If you place a bet and then lose that bet after a Roulette round. In your next round, you can double your bet so that if you are victorious you would have made up for the previous loss. For example, if you bet 10 units and then lost, you can go ahead and bet 20 units in the next Roulette round. You would be able to compensate for the 10 units loss while also being ahead by another 10 units. In the world of roulette betting systems, this is also referred to as a “Martingale strategy”.

Try Out The Labouchere Strategy

Roulette Betting Systems come in a number of forms, but the Labouchere strategy is quite unique. Here’s an example of what this strategy is all about;

  • Firstly, choose a row consisting of a set of numbers. For example, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. The numbers in this row are also betting sums in units. With your first bet being 20 units.
  • Secondly, whenever you lose a round, sum up your current betting unit with the last (i.e. 20 plus 60 to give 80). The row of numbers will now be 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80.
  • With the next round results in a victory for a 100 unit bet (i.e. 20 plus 80), you will be ahead by 20 units.
  • Next, deduct the 20 as well as the 80 and if the bet results in a loss, simply include 100 to end of the row of numbers and then try once more.

Note that with each winning bet, both the last and first numbers will be cancelled.

Using The D’Alembert

As one of the roulette betting systems around, the D’Alembert is often referred to as a “Gambler’s Fallacy”. The reason for this is because the principle for this betting system is somewhat inaccurate. The principle states that – “the universe eventually evens things out”. While this idea may sound like karma and hence a school of thought believes it to be true. The truth is, the D’Alembert strategy is not really one that players should rely on. So if you were previously one playing on this principle, maybe it’s time for a rethink.


Roulette Betting Systems – The Fibonacci Strategy

First off, as a numbering system Fibonacci has been applied by mathematicians and scholars for a very long time. Now, this numbering mechanism is being used as one of the most reliable roulette betting systems for helping you to minimise the damage of a loss or two on your bankroll. The Fibonacci numbering system is built on the premise of a pattern.

The numbering sequence is as follows; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 etc. The pattern can be analysed as – 1+1 = 2; 1+2 = 3; 2+3 = 5; 3+5 = 8; 5+8 = 13; 8+13 = 21; 13+21 = 34; 21 + 34 = 55 and so on. In applying this sequence to a Roulette game. If you placed a 10 unit bet and then lost your bet, you simply place yet another 10 unit bet. Where this also results in a loss, you place a 20 unit bet (i.e. 10+10 = 20 units) for the next round. Where you are on a losing streak, you apply the Fibonacci strategy until you win.

Raise Your Betting Strategy

With each winning round, you can raise your bets for the subsequent Roulette round. The raising your bet as you win strategy is one of the oldest Roulette Betting Systems you can think of. This strategy is also referred to as “the Paroli”. So if for example, you win a 20 unit bet, you simply place a 40 unit bet for the next round. Where you are victorious in that round, you then place an 80 unit bet and so on.

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