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Roulette Numbers and Ball Drop – Chelsea Palace

Seasoned casino players would know that winning in any casino game is a matter of random chance. When it comes to the roulette table it all boils down to probability varying according to the bet. For example, betting on either red or black you have a probability of 18:37 to win while betting on a single number your odds of winning are at 1:37 and so on. But is that really how it works? Does the ball really drop into the roulette numbers randomly? Aren’t there any ways to predict the winning outcome?

No, we’re not talking about the complex mathematical calculations that could help to predict, cause let’s admit it, not all of us are physicists to do that kind of calculations in our heads within a few seconds. Let’s explore the other factors that affect the randomness of a wheel resulting in a biased outcome of roulette numbers.

Roulette Numbers and Ball Drop - Chelsea Palace

Design anomalies and how they affect Roulette Numbers

To be truly random, a roulette wheel has to be designed and made in perfect symmetry and dimensions with just the right balance. Typically, a roulette wheel should have a perfectly circular ball track along with equally strong pocket pads and each ball pocket measuring the same in width and depth. A variation in even one of the aspects could make the roulette wheel favour certain roulette numbers and prone to biases affecting its randomness. It can be quite difficult to make such a perfect roulette wheel and minor manufacturing variations may not be noticed by the authorities. But these defects may not miss the eyes of seasoned, keen players who can exploit the bias to their advantage.

Withstanding the ravages of time

Even such a perfectly built roulette wheel may not necessarily stay the same over time and may develop biases. Over the course of time normal wear and year, accidental damage and in some cases even deliberate attempts can affect the symmetry of the roulette wheel. Proper maintenance and vigilance by the casino management can help the wheels withstand the ravages of time. Some observant players do exploit these wear patterns of roulette numbers to their advantage and this may result in an uneven playing field.

Ball dropping in the Roulette Numbers

In roulette wheels that have been in use for quite some time, it can be noticed that most of the times the ball leaves the ball track at the exact same spot. This may be a result of wear pattern making the circular track slightly warped making the ball to slip from the track as the speed of the spinning wheel slows down. By being able to predict the exit point players could be closer to guessing the roulette numbers ball drop point more than ever. Two other factors to correctly guess the ball drop point are the moment the ball exits the track and the wheel head’s position when the ball exits. These factors and some visual tracking can help players predict the drop-off point spot on.

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