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Are Slots Preferrable Over Blackjack?

Both slot games and Blackjack have their own uniqueness and speciality and the option to choose between the two solely depends on the comfort and convenience of the players. It is indeed difficult and unfair to regard one better than the other as both are exceptional in their own ways.

 Are Slots Preferrable Over Blackjack?

However, not everyone regards the same. The player’s experiences in his gaming journey play a significant role in determining his game preference. Well, the below-mentioned points are some of the valid reasons as to why some players believe slots games to be better than Blackjack.

Before getting into details, always bear in mind that neither there is no concrete opinion nor there can be any conclusion drawn about the superiority of the casino games. The table games aim at providing the players with something epic and classic in the gaming table and so, there is nothing such as ‘better’ or ‘worse’ when it comes to casino games.

Why Slots?

There are numerous reasons as to why the players choose slots over Blackjack. Some of the common reasons include:

No Strategy or Game Rules to Decipher

When compared to Blackjack, slot games are easy play as they do not require a strategy or a deeper understanding of the game rules as they are based on luck and chance. On the other hand, the game of Blackjack involves making decisions on every move. Also, Blackjack comprises of a lot of game rules and matters of basic etiquette to be taken into consideration. But when it comes to slots, you really don’t have to think about anything whatsoever. Everything is as random as it gets and provides the players with a relaxing and serene gaming atmosphere.

Exciting Rewards

The slots games provide the players with fascinating prizes and rewards. Usually, Blackjack rewards the players with a single hand of 1.5X their bet. With slots, while it is not quite often, it is possible to wager say £1 on a few spins and take away both in-game and progressive jackpots of three, four, five, six or even seven figures.

Plenty of Open Seats

Another advantage of playing the slot games is that you need not have to stand in line and wait for your turn as the casinos have plenty of slot machines. The Blackjack tables tend to fill up pretty quickly in premier casinos and during the peak time, which means you have to stand around and wait for a seat to open up. And just as soon as you sit down to play, the fact that there is a queue of people waiting for someone else to get up can again make you feel uncomfortable.


One of the best things about playing slots is that it offers the players with a peaceful, quiet and secure gaming platform to explore the games, Besides these, it is also pretty easy to find any number of slots with absolutely no nosy neighbours to worry about whatsoever.

No Worry of Beating the House

Unless you have mastered yourself in card counting, your chance of beating the house is relatively low. You may be successful in winning a hand out of blind luck, but for the most part, the dealer is going to take you for a ride. But when playing slots, you are sure that the odds are set and no matter what you do, they cannot be changed. And this, in turn, helps you to enjoy the games more.

A Diverse Variety of Games

There are literally thousands of slot games to be explored with varied themes and gameplay features. In addition to this, there are also brand new slot games coming up which are developed by the topnotch gaming providers including NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT and Playtech to name a few. While in Blackjack, although the cards may get dealt differently every time, the game still remains the same, every time you play it. Also, in terms of variety, there is not much to speak of.

Simple Rules

Blackjack is played in a professional setting, hence it requires the necessary skills and competence to play the game well. Slots, on the other hand, are completely automated and does not require any logic or reasoning to play the game.

Low Stake

Slots allow gamblers to put the small sum of money on the line and play at their own chosen pace. With Blackjack, minimum bets have a habit of being somewhere on the high side and it is difficult to play at the pace set by the dealer and the other players.

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