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Useful Tips to Play Online Blackjack

Every gambler’s wish is to play any game like a pro and nab the show with massive wins. The famous classic brick-and-mortar game Blackjack has earned its space and fame in the realm of online gaming. It’s no longer a game limited to the territory of land-based casinos. In fact, the popularity that online Blackjack has gained over time is insurmountable. Online Blackjack has evolved as more fascinating than many other casino games. Here’s a brief on some strategies for players, especially beginners who wish to learn the tricks of the game to their advantage and embark on the journey to emerge as consistent players.

Tips and Tricks to Play Online Blackjack

Some basic tips on playing Online Blackjack

Interested players could quickly run through the following pointers prior to hitting the online Blackjack tables at our online casino. Even though there are several versions of Blackjack available online, the rules are not very difficult to remember. Memorising the simple rules could, however, benefit in playing strategically to minimize the house edge and increase your winning odds.

• Hit hard until you get at least a hard 17 on an occasion when your dealer holds a face-up card of 9 or above.
• Having a face-up card between 4 and 6 could be a Blackjack dealer’s weakest position. In such an occasion, preferably stand on a hard 12 or better. With this each time you could double down on A-4 or above.
• Double down on 10 or 11 when the dealer has a face-up card of 9 or lower card.
• One of the basic strategies of Blackjack refers to splitting As and 8s, though there are some exceptions applicable to advanced strategies. Splitting the eights makes you less vulnerable as at this point your score would be 16, which is one of the weakest positions in the game. By splitting the Aces, you increase your chances of drawing a 10 which can render a 21 and thereby ensure a win.
• Strategy card- there’s a host of strategies that can direct you on the moves depending on your score and the croupier’s face up card. Based on the table rules, the” basic strategy” card enables lowering the house edge anywhere between 0.50% and 0.75%.

The strategies as discussed above may not guarantee a 100% win as there is no full-proof strategy for playing online Blackjack. The idea is to try a few tips and tricks that could only lower the house edge and increase the player’s gameplay potential. A skilled player may, however, stand a better chance than the beginners as they gradually get a hang of promptly applying the strategies. Whether using any of these strategies of splitting, double down, surrendering or counting, applying the appropriate strategy to influence the odds in your favour could majorly enhance your gameplay in an online Blackjack session.

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Posted On: 18/05/2018

Author: Robert Bowron

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