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Top Movies Based on Blackjack

It is certainly interesting to note how a simple game can add such value to a movie. Blackjack is probably the most featured game in many thriller and action movies. Blackjack Movies tend to have their storyline drawn alongside the game itself. A movie may also have one or more exceptionally prominent scenes featuring the same.

Top Movies Based on Blackjack

It is also worth marvelling at how so many different plots can fit around the game. It has been used to illustrate the different characters in the movie. Blackjack has also been used to build and illustrate different aspects of the plot.

‘License to Kill’: One of the Classic Blackjack Movies

This is a perfect illustration of a strong Blackjack movies scene as opposed to a plot revolving around the game.

James bond is notably one of the biggest brands in the movie industry. The intelligence operative goes against all the rules this time for a more personal mission.

He infiltrates a drug smuggling cartel while seeking to avenge the death of his very close associate Felix Litter. Litter was fed to sharks by a notorious drug lord Franz Sanchez. This was after a mission to capture the drug lord by the two went south.

The movie, just as is characteristic of all Bond movies, is action packed right from the beginning.

Bond goes against orders and all logic when emotion takes the better of him.

At hand to assist him is a sexy CIA agent Pam Bouvier who flies him to the drug lord in South America. She ends up getting romantically entangled with a Bond. He also gets involved with the baron’s mistress who ends up saving his life numerously.

Bond manages to sabotage several aspects of the baron’s operations undetected. He even gets close to the baron and gets hired as a hitman.

He uses this to bring down the baron before he can destroy his contraband and deny his activities.

‘The Hangover’: One of the Most Hilarious Blackjack Movies

The relationship of the game to the movie is similar to Licence to kill.

In the movie, a group of close and crazy friends head to Las Vegas for a bachelor’s party. They love their fun and get carried away by it.

While on a drinking spree their drinks get spiked and they all lose their memory. They wake up in the morning and cannot remember a thing that happened the previous night.

It is a tedious effort trying to piece together events. They start discovering just how crazy a night they had. It included one of the friends, Stu (Bradley Cooper), marrying a stripper named Jade whose baby is now in their room.

But the highlight of the night was the groom, Dough Billings (Justin Bartha), disappearing into thin air.

They now have to find the groom before his wedding day and fly him back to Los Angeles where the bride is waiting to wed.

Digging into the events of the previous night they discover that they actually won $82,000 playing Blackjack. The cash was meant to pay for Dough’s ransom after he was mistakenly kidnapped.

Among many Blackjack Movies, this particular one has got the most interesting range of reviews. It is however rated as a rib cracker.

‘21’: A Perfect Illustration Among Blackjack Movies

This is a high-adrenaline movie that illustrates the wits of 5 mathematics students from MIT. The MIT gang has been trained by their professor on how to read cards.

This is a skill that the five exploit by moving to cash in on different casinos in Las Vegas.

Their joy is however short lived after their plot is blown open and their professor arrested for his crime.

It is a must watch for those who love suspense and thrilling action.

You will definitely enjoy the choice of movies illustrated above. After this read, you will note and be surprised at how Blackjack easily blends into just about any plot.

Blackjack Movies will always definitely provide that required dose of thrilling action, suspense and entertainment.

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