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Top Celebrities Who Love Gambling

Gambling has been with us for the longest time and has and still is a pastime for many people around the world. As a matter of fact, did you know that approximately 1.6 billion people gamble yearly around the world?

Well, now you know!

Top Celebrities Who Love Gambling

Celebrities who love to bet big

The figure includes a number of famous celebrities that you may know. However, is a list of some that indulge in this activity.

  • Ben Affleck

This is one of the most talented actors in the game and he doesn’t stick to acting alone. In 2001, it was reported that Ben walked away with a staggering $800,000 while playing blackjack. Even more interesting is the $150,000 tip he gave the dealer.

In addition to that, in 2004, he took part in a poker tournament that saw him pocket $356,000 and the next year he won $25,000. Talk about winning!

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

As much as DiCaprio is an accomplished actor, the same can be said about him when it comes to gambling. In fact, DiCaprio is a passionate poker player and his love has led him to the illegal betting spots.

At one point, DiCaprio was listed as one of the detainees after the bootleg betting house was raided by the police for reasons around illegal betting.

  • Tobey Maguire

From the famous Spiderman blockbuster film to a visitor of the FBI, Tobey Maguire has shown his love for gambling. For the same reason, he also got on the wrong side of the law after he was arrested by FBI officials for illegal betting at bootleg betting houses which were restricted in California.

Would you believe that he used to win $1 million a month?

  • Camron Diaz

Well, men aren’t the only celebrities that harbour some love for the chips. Famous actress Cameron Diaz has been in the gambling “shadows” for a while. This is because she tries as much as possible to lock this habit as far back in the closet as she can by donating all her wins to charity. To be specific, NGOs related to cancer support victims.

  • Michael Jordan

The number 23 legend and hall of fame NBA player began exploring casinos during his peak years as a basketball player. His appetite for adrenaline-filled experiences the main driver. However, the player was addicted to gambling and was at one point relegated to the minor league as well as expelled from other competitions.

  • George Clooney

Well, what do you know? After starring in the famous Oceans 11, where the main plot was to rob a casino, George Clooney would later engage in gambling activities.

Additionally, Clooney went ahead and co-owned a gambling house that majorly targets the high rollers. So, you had better pull up in a Ferrari to gain access.

  • Queen Elizabeth II

Yes, her! The Queen gambles. She is human as well apart from being a monarch and she is said to take part in sports betting. Slot machines also rank among her top favourites including roulette.

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