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The Top Celebrity Poker Players

Poker is one of the most influential casino games in the industry today. Many people invest their time and money in Poker to make decent profits and capture the thrill of Poker. However, Poker is not only about profits but an amazing experience within itself. Thus, it has caught the attention of people across all sects of life, be it from the lowest to the highest economically influenced classes of society.

Poker Players are varied in demographics. The style and panache of the game come with the luxurious lifestyle of many celebrities who seem to enjoy the fun aspect of gambling along with the extravaganza of casino gaming life. Here are a few celebrity Poker players at casinos all around the world.

The Top Celebrity Poker Players

Ben Affleck

Perhaps known best for his role in the ‘The Dark Knight’ series, Ben Affleck has a surprisingly great career in Poker as well. Among the celebrity herd of Poker players, Ben Affleck is known to have played Poker with friends and other celebrities in the entertainment business, at private villas as well. However, Ben has also been trained by some of the professionals as well such as Annie Duke. Thus, this has helped him win the 2004 California State Poker Championship as well – a winning success for him to remember.

Jennifer Tilly

Speaking of professional awards and careers, Jennifer Tilly is as good among Poker players as she is on television. She has been awarded a Bellagio Cup, WPT ladies night invitational and also has a WSOP bracelet that she wore after she won the Ladies event in 2005. Jennifer is also known to be involved in high-stake cash gameplays and still pursues a successful gambling career until today.

Nick Cassavetes

Nick is known to be a phenomenal director who has directed the amazing thriller series ‘The Notebook’. Although not very outstanding, his Poker gaming career puts him in the peers and Poker players list that involves some of the most reputed names in the industry. Nick has participated in PokerStars’ The Big Game and GSN’s High Stakes Power. Along with such participation, he has also had some decent cashouts at WPT and WSOP events held in the past as well.

Rafael Nadal

The sporting community is not behind in the Poker gaming business as well. One of the stars Rafael Nadal is known for his superb talent in tennis fields. Nadal is an avid Poker fan. He has appeared on PokerStars where he appeared against top-shelf Poker players such as Negreanu and played and performed there as a publicity stunt. However, it is believed that Nadal didn’t really have a successful Poker gaming career and his net profits from Poker still remains to be zero till this date.

Michael Phelps

Another sportsman who has made it to the glamorous world of Poker is Michael Phelps. The 28 times awarded Olympian swimmer has been seen to take part in Poker championships like WSOP and in tournaments held in the Bahamas. He has had guidance under professional Poker players such as Jeff Gross, and post his retirement from Olympics. It is believed that he would spend even more substantial amount of time to be invested in Poker Championships in the future.

Kevin Hart

The entertainment industry is full of celebrities who have had more than a few appearances in some major Poker tournaments. Kevin Hart is another such amazing comedian who has shown quite a keen interest in Poker. He has appeared in tournaments held in Bahamas, Monte Carlo, at Dan Bilzerian’s house and many more. It is believed that his professional earnings from all the tournaments sum up to a total of $48,000.

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