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Top Gambling Pop Songs

Music goes along harmoniously with gambling. Many players resort to gambling as a source of recreational activity and so include music. It has probably led to the emergence of many artists that have tried to appreciate gambling as an activity. They have beautified it through proses, songs and have composed gambling pop songs that will remain as a cherished example to many when it comes to the implications of gambling in and with our lives. Here is a list of top gambling pop songs compiled for the readers.

Top Gambling Pop Songs

‘Luck be a lady’ – gambling pop songs by Sinatra:

Frank Sinatra, the world-renowned singer and songwriter, comes up with a song that exemplifies gambling as a game of luck. And the song associates luck with females as known from the phrase ‘lady-luck’. Sinatra sings about how luck favours and charms the players as to how a beautiful woman would entice players with her good looks and gracious movements. The song lyrics personify the various elements involved in gambling and is associated with that of feminine qualities. Definitely a song that has found its place in the best of all niches!

‘A good run of bad luck’ – gambling pop songs by Clint Black:

Clint Black is another famous songwriter and singer who has also used the reference of gambling as a personification of love and connection. He sings the lyrics as they claim to mean that it is always gambling that is involved in a love connection between a couple. He sings how gambling with cards is also similar like gambling in love; where it is almost similar while courting the better half. The song appeared in the Maverick movie about a Poker tournament and has since remained as one of the best songs to be composed till date.

‘Viva Las Vegas’ – gambling pop songs by Elvis Presley:

The famous and legendary pop star from back in the 70s; Elvis Presley has best portrayed the flamboyant lifestyle associated with casinos around the world. The lyrics speak about how one can have a good time at a casino when one has enough money to spend. It asks listeners to gamble with their chances as fortune favours the bold! The song was a hit title track from the movie with the same title, and since then, has been associated along with casinos and has been played countless time everywhere around the world.

‘The Gambler’ – gambling pop songs by Kenny Rogers:

This song is one of the eternally cherished gambling pop songs that has a serene ambience associated with it. The song is about how Kenny meets a wise old gambler on a train, where he teaches Kenny about the life lessons he learnt from years of experience with gambling. The song lists out the various key values that are imparted through games involving chances. This song is certainly a must listen to and can be influential to players who can easily relate to the song for its general truthfulness.

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