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Understanding the Baccarat Squeeze

A popular casino card game that continues to rule top online casino tables is none other than Baccarat. This authentic game has been powered by several software providers to give it a modern feel and appearance playable at online gambling sites in its classic as well as newer variants. Designed and developed by Evolution Gaming, the table game is easy to understand and brings the immense scope of winning real money. Here’s a simple guide to understanding the facets of Baccarat Squeeze.

Understanding the Baccarat Squeeze

What does Baccarat Squeeze look like?

The traditional game of Baccarat saw players betting on the banker, the player or a tie. Once done, the dealer would begin distributing the cards. Most players say that this limited any scope of influencing the game as the outcome would be restricted to either winning or losing.
Played across a lot many online casinos offering a live-dealer suite, the game is popular in Macau. It has been impeccably developed in a manner to combine the best of entertainment and rewarding features for players to experience real-time gaming.

Originally, the game of Baccarat played at brick-and-mortar casinos entailed dealing face up cards. Baccarat Squeeze has introduced an element of excitement that lasts for long as the cards here are dealt face down. With numerous tables streamed from the live studios, online players today have the choice of selecting a croupier who would then reveal the hand in a certain manner where players can get a glimpse of it and anticipate the bet.

Why is it called the Baccarat Squeeze?

Squeeze in the game refers to a specific way of revealing a little part of the card without actually revealing it’s complete identity to the players. The technique is adopted by the dealer who places a thumb across the value of the hand-held card and bends it down along the card on a side and then quickly rotates it at a 90 degrees angle to show the card suit and the symbols along the card’s edge. Yes, it requires the skill to perform that action perfectly!

This revelation can give you a little idea about the card though not its complete value. So, the player also has to be observant and alert to read the card well. For instance, if you see a card with two suit symbols across the top and another three symbols down its side, it could possibly mean that the card has a value of 6, 7 or 8. Black lines along the upper rim of the card quite clearly communicate that it would be a Jack, Queen or King. These cards bear zero points and so if you see any of those cards, you might consider abstaining from squeezing any further.
The dealer flips the cards swiftly and if you happen to see no sign or symbols on the outer edge of the card, it means it’s an Ace valued at 1. The purpose of squeezing in cards is to induce a factor of excitement to the game which is worth a try!

Squeeze out the best of Baccarat at Chelsea Palace

Playing at a top online casino UK with the best bonuses and offers on minimum deposits is certainly rewarding. Chelsea Palace brings you ample opportunities with the best table of Baccarat Squeeze streamed from the Riga live casino studio. Packed with special features like innovative side bets and squeeze option, a good payout ratio and trained croupiers dealing your cards, you will enjoy the real casino experience here.

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