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VIP Casino Bonuses and How They Work

We all like to feel like VIPs and that is understandable. Now, most online casino gamblers must have at one time or the other noticed that the bonuses available at online casinos differ widely. These bonuses include the signup bonus for new players, reload bonus and the VIP casino bonus.

The types of bonuses are the major focus of this article and will be explored in detail. So read on and get to know why and how the VIP bonuses are impressive.

VIP Casino Bonuses and How They Work

Hail the VIP Casino Bonus!

The VIP casino bonus is unfortunately available only to a select few. Such types of bonuses are either given to the more notable members of an online casino or others who have shown outstanding loyalty and perseverance. 

This casino bonus varies from casino to casino and often has the most awesome goodies on offer. Such bonuses are the most premium that a casino can reward players with and differ from the regular and relatively casino bonuses like free spins and the like.

Supported VIP bonuses usually take the form of enhanced deposit and withdrawal limits, tickets to the most exclusive events and promos and massive reload bonuses. VIP bonuses can also take the form of enhanced comp points, free meals and drinks, etc.

There are even casinos that offer players their own personal VIP manager, who they can command as they please. These and more help ensure that VIP casino bonuses are highly coveted by all.

The Eligibility Criteria of VIP Casino Bonuses

VIP casino bonuses are not handed out like candies at Walmart. Instead, casinos tend to be rather picky when selecting players that qualify for the program. In the main, high rollers are the type that is usually enrolled in the VIP program and thus eligible for VIP bonuses.

However, there are online casinos that offer VIP bonuses to new players, but with some strict conditionalities. This might include making a very high initial deposit in the region of ₤1000 or so. Should a player feel like having a taste of a VIP bonus, he/she would be well advised to check the eligibility requirements of the casino concerned.

VIP bonuses usually come in tiers. Once players have been signed up for this, they can aim at accumulating points that will qualify them for the next and more lucrative tier and so on.

Most Common Features of VIP Casino Bonuses

Both the VIP program and VIP bonuses are usually created for and used by high rollers and come with the following features:

  • Tiered Levels – Tiered levels are standard on all casino VIP programs. Such levels include the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze and feature increasingly amazing rewards as VIP players progress up the tiers.
  • Lush Rewards – The VIP bonus offered normally includes such goodies as cash, trips to the most exciting or amazing locales, invites to concerts and tournament and the like.
  • Points Made Cash! – As players progress and accumulate points, these points can be eventually turned into cash. If this is not desired, the same points can be used to purchase all manner of consumer electronics and gadgets.

The VIP casino bonus is a reward program that applies to players considered exceptional, either by virtue of their fame, skill or ability to regularly wager obscene amounts of cash. These bonuses come in varied forms and are much coveted for players who can afford it!

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