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Virtual Reality Casino – Gambling Of The Future!

Forget about the traditional casino experiences, it’s time to up-level with your online casino games! Virtual reality casino technology is empowering the online casino scene by becoming an immersive experience. The social games and the gambling culture of the online casinos are exciting, and the virtual reality technology is serving the growing demands of loyal customers.

 Virtual Reality Casino - Gambling Of The Future!

VR is becoming an increasing trend in the casinos with its highly interactive user experience, 2D and 3D technology, and a luxurious feel. As the gambling industry predicts growth of nearly $520 billion by 2021, let’s look into how VR gambling is going to be the next big thing!

Virtual Reality Casino – The Game Changer

The online casinos are based on basically two major thrills – entertainment and real money rewards. These are distinguished with the kinds of game one chooses. The online slots, roulette wheels etc qualify for entertainment, while blackjack, poker etc are the money rewarding experiences. But none of it brings in technology as its elevated platform to combine with the user’s imaginations and luxurious feel. This is where VR steps in.

VR allows the users to get into a pseudo-3D environment with the help of hardware and software. The VR headset combined with the gambling technology makes a person see and experience the thrill of a lively luxurious casino. With hand gestures, they can pick up cards, draw a chair to sit and gamble just like they would in a real casino. Some of the features on offer in Virtual reality Casino are:

  • Immersive 3D environment to feel, visualize and live through with the help of hardware and software
  • Real-like gambling experiences of slot games, table games and more
  • Observe the other players and connect to them through chats
  • Make hand and body gestures to enjoy the environment like real.
  • 3D spatial effect of listening to the sound and noise of a lively casino

There is an option to also walk into the casino bar and sit for a drink, but the drink stays highly imaginary!

Games With the VR Features

Currently, VR technology is still in its introductory phase. Not enough games have been developed around it for the user experience. The two most prominent names that are popping up are – SlotsMillion and Casino VR Poker.

Slots Million is a VR game room developed by  Lucky VR with 40+ slot machines for the players to experience. While the Casino VR Poker is a full-fledged poker experience with the help of VR headset and software to bring people closer to a real poker game scene in an illusionary environment.

The Gears That Make Virtual Reality a Reality!

Virtual reality Casino is possible with the VR headsets that have been in the market for a few years now. These headsets are compatible with the majority of the smartphone platforms and operating systems for maximum reachability.

The Google Daydream has a rather inexpensive version that is being considered for the compatibility with the casino features and use. While there is no proper casino game or platform to test their true viability – the future holds a strong note on their functionality. Currently, the 3D versions of the designed games are up for the players to try!

What Lies in the Future!

Research is being carried out to make virtual reality Casino a reality. Currently, the brick-and-mortar casinos are being driven to analyze the concept and growth of the VR headsets for the gambling industry. Soon enough there will be spaces designed to suit the operations with customers experiencing a casino environment while being in just an illusionary space.

Moreover, the VR headsets soon will go through more technological advancements bringing VR gambling a thing to access from players’ comfort zones!

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Blog Name: Virtual Reality Casino – Gambling Of The Future!

Posted On: 01/04/2019

Author: Robert Bowron

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