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The Trick of Visual Tracking in Roulette Games

Roulette is considered as one of the easiest casino games. Even novices can place bets at a Roulette table without having to know a lot of details. However, the more seasoned players would like to differ. There are a lot of techniques used in Roulette that are important to understand before you become a pro. One of the methods that the players use to predict the number where the ball will land on the Roulette wheel is called Visual tracking. 

The Trick of Visual Tracking in Roulette Games

Visual tracking as the name suggests means predicting the part of the wheel head where the pill or the ball will stop at the end. This might seem easy, but because the speed of the ball that is rolling on the wheel is really fast, not many people have the patience or the ability to follow the wheel and the ball simultaneously and make predictions of a sure win. So how does this Visual tracking work and how can you accomplish it while playing?

The Working and Strategy Behind Visual Tracking

The basic aim of Visual tracking as discussed above is to accurately predict where the ball will land on the reels. There are different methods used by different players but most of the experts use zero on the wheel as their reference point. Since the zero is in a different colour, it is easy to follow it when the wheel spins. One eye has to be kept on the zero and the other one has to follow the Roulette ball. 

The wheel head and the ball can either spin in the same direction or can also go in opposite directions. If the wheel and the ball go in two different directions, it becomes difficult to follow them initially but the players do get the hang of it with some practice. 

The trackers also try to find other reference points in the wheel so that they can easily follow the ball as well as the reference point. The aim of the trackers is to note how many times the Roulette wheel has rotated. A point that is in between the number pocket and the ball track and is also easily visible from the place where the tracker is standing is the best reference point to take.

What Will You Observe?

While visual tracking you will see that the ball often times moves faster than the wheel. So, for one rotation of the wheel head, the ball might cross your reference point 5-6 times or more. You need to measure the ratio between the speed of the wheel and the ball.  This can be only done by seeing how many times the ball crosses your reference point. 

As the wheel starts to slow down, the ball also starts to slow down and the number of crossings becomes lesser. The movement of the ball will slow down and the ball will start going lower down towards the pockets. With the slowed-down speed the angle between the reference point and the ball keeps on increasing and at one point the ball will be rotating at half the speed of the wheel. All this is taken into consideration and its exact location or the area where it will land on a pocket can be predicted.

Keep These Pointers in Mind While Visual Tracking

Visual tracking not only need some skills but you will also need a good position next to the Roulette wheel to accurately see the ball on the wheel. Make sure that you have a clear vision of the ball track. Most of the experts take the last seat of the table to be close to the Roulette Wheel. Also, it is difficult to place the bet when you are already tracking the ball, hence, it is always better to have someone accompany you to the table and help you with betting.

Another necessity for visual tracking is the style of a Roulette wheel. The ball track should be of the old style. This makes it easy for the tracker to find a reference point. The ball, on the other hand, should not be too bouncy and should remain at most 5-6 pockets away from the point the dealer drops it into the wheel head. Lastly, the speed at which the wheel is being spun is also important and the croupier should be able to spin the ball at a compatible speed to the wheel head. 


Visual tracking is a great way for players to estimate the area where the pill might end up landing on the reels. However, you do need a lot of practice and patience to do it. Also, it is not always accurate since it is difficult to roughly estimate the speed ratio by just looking at the wheel. Try out Visual tracking during the Roulette game and see if you are able to get the hang of it. 

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