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What is Casino Bonus Hunting

What is Casino Bonus Hunting

Most of the online casinos provide incentives to new customers, as a way of encouraging them to sign up. Bonus hunting is the act of taking advantage of these incentives, which usually involve some amount of cash, in order to gain the most profit from all the promotions available. Also known as bonus whoring or bonus bagging, this strategy has long been popular with online gamblers. The basic concept of bonus hunting is quite simple but this strategy requires a fair bit of time and effort if it is to be capitalised effectively.

Why casino bonus is so essential?

Before getting into the details of bonus hunting, it is probably worth establishing what a casino bonus is in the first place. The industry tends to offer bonuses such as welcome bonuses, no-deposit promotions, time-specific bonuses, high roller offers, bonuses that relate to specific games and, finally, device-specific bonuses. Essentially, a casino bonus is the online platform’s way of enticing or retaining players. Sometimes, it will be to make themselves more eye-catching to potential new gamblers than competitor sites.

At times, a bonus might be put in place to promote a new game that the casino has just launched in order to drum up interest in it. Mostly, a bonus will come in the form of additional credit to play with at the online casino. A bonus may also offer points which the casino uses to establish certain playing privileges like access to VIP services.

What is Casino Bonus Hunting

Basics of bonus hunting

If you are relatively new to a mobile casino, you may not be familiar with the bonuses that the vast majority of gambling sites give away to new customers. Usually referred to as sign up bonuses, sites offer these in order to attract new customers. With online gambling being such a competitive marketplace, they are a pivotal aspect of any site’s marketing plan. The idea is to try and make a profit, withdraw it, and then move on to the next site. When sites first started offering bonuses they were generally a lot more generous than they are today. In many cases, there were certain strategies you could guarantee a profit. These days, the terms and conditions tend to be a lot stringent, making it much harder to turn a profit. It is still possible but it is extremely rare to find opportunities where you are actually guaranteed to come out ahead.

Casino bonus hunting

Bonus hunting at casinos used to be a great way to make some money. Pretty much every online casino on the internet would offer an attractive signup bonus that comes with terms and conditions that are very player-friendly. It is very common to see a 100% match deposit bonus with something like ten times wagering requirements and no game restrictions for any online slots.

With an offer like this, it would always be worth depositing to claim the maximum amount possible. By playing a low house edge game such as Blackjack, it would be relatively easy to meet the requirement and still have a large sum of money. You could then withdraw this, along with your original deposit for a quick profit. At many casinos, you could even use tactics like betting on both black and red when meeting wagering requirements. Even if you hit zero a couple of time, you would almost certainly still make a profit.

How to bonus hunt effectively?

When you get a bonus, you may not be able to withdraw it immediately. This means that credit associated with a bonus needs to be spent at the mobile casino that offered it. However, if you win a bet placed with a bonus, you may still not be able to withdraw the winnings straight away. This is termed as wagering. Effectively, you need to bet and win a certain amount compared to the size of the bonus to really claim it your own. Games with a low house edge such as Roulette will often force you to wager more before you can withdraw the sum you earned as a bonus.

On the other hand, if you are gambling for fun and intend to play casino games anyway, then the wagering system won’t really have any impact. Just play the games with the credit the operator has supplied and enjoy yourself. Anyhow, if you need to get the best possible bonus, then it is always a wiser plan to examine the wagering proportion as well as the amount of credit that is being offered.


Make different bets and do not follow the chosen strategy regularly. Move away from it now and then, you are showing that you are a regular player who decided to have a good time. Often changing the approach is a useful measure which will be quite useful for any bonus hunter. Importantly, try to clear the bonus spending a bit more money than the wager requires. Thus, you show the administration that you did not come here only for a rich bonus, but you are going to continue your streak in the long run.

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