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Why Is Card Counting Considered A Time-Consuming Task?

You should know the deal with counting cards if you have ever gambled with an edge at a casino. Remember how a team of magicians’ or rather excellent mathematicians made millions just by counting cards for a Blackjack game in the movie ‘Now You See Me’? Tons of Blackjack players tend to count cards in an attempt to make big bucks for themselves at the end of the game. But, is it as easy as it sounds to be? I would say no. 


6 Reasons to Not Count Cards At a Casino

Counting cards is often considered as one of the quickest schemes to get rich. But, there are some harsh truths about this procedure too. Once you get hold of the smoke and mirrors involved with this game, you will know it all boils down to one thing: luck. Let’s check out the top 6 reasons that make counting cards a complete waste of time. 

  • No Time for Actually Playing

When you are counting cards, you need to move from one casino to the other and fro one table to the other. This is necessary if you don’t want to get caught. Once casinos get hold of what you are doing out there, get ready to be thrown out of the place right at that moment. In an attempt to move from one place to another, you may not have enough time to play the game, which is the main purpose of counting cards. 

  • Getting a Positive Count Is Quite a Hectic Task

Most of the gamblers lose valuable time while counting down shoes which barely turn to a positive count. You have the liberty to move away from the table as soon as you figure out that the show is not working in your favour. But, you still need to invest some more time to find another table and start with the counting process again. 

  • Card Counters Are Easily Recognisable

Many of you may even start betting black chips. In that case, too, there are high chances that the security of the casino will watch you play closely. They will get hold of you as soon as you place a wide bet spread. After all, they know what a card counter is capable of doing out there. People can also have a check on you right from the security room and stop you from counting the cards immediately. All your effort would go down the drain right away. 

  • Not Suitable for Higher Bets

It is always recommended to bet smaller amounts when you find that the count is not in your favour. What if the count is in your favour? In that case, bet amounts higher than $100. Now the thing is most of the time you won’t be able to place higher bets in a game of Blackjack due to the chances of low counts. Therefore, you are most likely to have 75% of your hands at a game of Blackjack for minimum bets and only 25% of your hands for higher bets. 

  • Casino Procedure Keeps on Changing

People are aware of the impact of card counters, and therefore, they try to prevent them for several years. They tend to make frequent changes and enhance their security features to curb the growing popularity of card counting. The mid shoe entry rules make it way difficult for the card counters to play the games, leave alone making money. At times, casinos even tend to make inadequate rules for the Blackjack game, which in turn makes the house edge higher. Thus, the card counters need to make higher bets to match pace with these changes. 

  • Need to Camouflage

Once you get caught while counting cards, there are fewer chances that they will let you play again at the same place. To prevent such a situation, Blackjack players tend to stay under the radar, which is quite a hectic task. You have to use all sorts of camouflage and jump from one table to another to prevent yourself from getting caught. Most importantly, you may end up with a small fraction of profit at the end of such hard work. 


Considering all these reasons, it is quite obvious that card counting is quite a risky affair. You can not only lose money but also lose your chances of playing the game ever again at any other place. So if you decide to count cards, make sure you are aware of the consequences. 

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Blog Name: Why Is Card Counting Considered A Time-Consuming Task?

Posted On: 20/09/2019

Author: Robert Bowron

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