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Understanding How Online Slots Work

Online slot games have come to be a delightful experience for people world over. A series of games that progress with just a few clicks end up making you win decent payouts if you are lucky. However, not all is rosy with the online slots games and sometimes the process can be a lot confusing for the players.

Here is a little glossary of online slots and its terms!

Understanding How Online Slots Work

The Bet Levels in online slots

Much similar to the coin value of wager, the bet levels define the dealings of the player in the game. After having played a few rounds with the base coin value one can upgrade their game by setting a higher bet level i.e. if it was £0.01 for the initial game you can level it up to £0.20 or £0.30 for the starting bets.
Although there are no real coins in these values the players can still increase their bet levels to these values and play easily.

Paylines in online slots – the winning combination

Paylines are the lines on which the winning combinations are formed in a slot machine game. Most commonly the slot games have paylines between 10 and 25, but some games also reach up to 100 paylines. Some of them also come with megaways or ways to win instead of the traditional payline structure. The more paylines in your game the more are the chances of frequent but small wins. There can be wins with any pattern formed on the screen.

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All about online slots reels

Reels are the vertical alignments of symbols on the slot game screen that makes way for winning combinations. Traditionally the slot games had 3 reels but today the Casino standards are 5-reels and 7-reels slot games. The reels are spun when a player hits the spin button and lands on the combination which makes way for the winning possibilities.

Slot symbols and winnings

Slot symbols are little icons on the reels of the slot games. These are based on the theme of the game.. While some symbols like gems, letters etc seem to be common to most games but mostly the symbols are unique and set on game themes. When the same symbols form a pattern on the screen they make way for wins, free spins or bonuses depending upon the game rules.

The multiplier in Online slots

Multiplier symbols appear in the slot reels to multiply the winnings of the player. Land on the symbol and the winning of that spin is multiplied 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x etc depending on the multiplier that appears.
Multipliers help the players win big in combination with other paylines and symbol combinations. These can go up to 100x the winning amount per bet.

Online slots wild symbols

Wild symbol stand for tricky symbols which change the course of the game. On many online slots, you shall find unique symbols which substitute the others to bring a winning combination. Wild symbols either change for themselves into winning combinations, replace other symbols to make a win or just act as a multiplier for a winning combination already landed. They are your bonus symbols in an online slot game.

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